A Champagne Toast to The Great Gatsby

moet_the_great_gatsbyOne of the most awaited films of the year is Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. I met Mr. Luhrmann when he was in Mumbai some time ago and unhesitatingly told him that Moulin Rouge and Australia make it to the list of my all time favourite films. I am certain that Leonardi DiCaprio will charm worldwide audiences with his performance as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous protagonist, Gatsby.

I loved the book as well as the Robert Redford version of the film. Ask me why…the Roaring Twenties were some of the most glamorous years ever seen. The rise of jazz, motion pictures and automobiles, coupled with the wonderful Art Deco style made these years unforgettable.

And what better way to represent the glamour of this era than the world’s fabulous champagne – Moët & Chandon. If you ask me, Luhrmann has made the right choice by bringing in this brand to represent the ‘champagne and caviar’ lifestyle embodied by Gatsby. Through the film, expect to see countless glasses of Moët Impérial, champagne pyramids and decadently oversized bottles, presented in the director’s flamboyant style.


The film’s costume and production designer, Catherine Martin, explains, “Although Prohibition was in full swing by 1922, the year in which the story of The Great Gatsby is set, many people were still illegally importing wines from Europe and Canada. We did our research and discovered that Moët & Chandon Vintage 1921 was the best vintage of the decade. Its exceptional quality made it the drink of choice for a man with epicurean tastes and connections like Gatsby. The champagne house still had the original label artwork from that 1921 vintage, which we gladly reproduced in the film. It perfectly summed up Jay Gatsby’s character and his passion for filling his house with the finest available alcohol on the planet.”

All I can say is ‘C’est Fabuleux!’


The Great Gatsby releases on May 10 and opens the 66th Cannes International Film Festival on May 15.

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