And They Were All Yellow – Street Style With United Colors of Benetton

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.

I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
And it was called “Yellow”.

So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all yellow.



Across the West, winter is a season during which greys and blacks find full expression. In fact, the biggest colour for the season is grey. While I do love my greys, I’ve been perceiving winter trends with a jaundiced eye. Any guesses on what my favourite colour of the month is?


I’ve been sporting a lot of yellow this season. Oddly enough, unlike most other colours, yellow is best expressed in teeshirts. I can’t possibly imagine myself wearing yellow trousers or a yellow suit. So here’s what I did. I found the best yellow tee that I possibly could — at United Colors of Benetton — and made a statement on the streets of Bandra, pairing it differently every single time.

I started with a basic yellow tee. A cool yellow watch strap to match, maybe even some bright sunnies. Works best with a pair of simple Benetton jeans. IMG_8652



This grey hoodie, from United Colors of Benetton, is a great way to tone down the yellow, or to break the monotony. Also, yellow and grey have always been perfect complements to each other. One of my favourite combinations.
I love this look, it’s easy, casual and chic. I dressed it up just a wee bit with this pair of tan brogues by Benetton. (Guys, in case you didn’t know, United Colors of Benetton India makes some of the finest quality casual shoes in the market).





And finally, I also got my hands on this pop blue hoodie from United Colors of Benetton. I’m certainly not sporting traditional winter colours, but, hey, in Mumbai, there’s not much of a winter, so this works just fine. IMG_8688

“I yell at yellow like I purr at pink. If they were more fluid, I’d pour meows in my morning coffee.” – Jarod Kintz


Clothes by United Colors of Benetton

Photographs by Vishal Jolapara


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