Aston Martin Baby Strollers

I would have never imagined this: Aston Martin, one of the world’s most respected luxury car manufacturers has tied up with pram company Silver Cross and have released with the world’s luxurious prams ever.This latest baby is designed to perfection with every detail considered. The very same leather used in the cars has been used on the prams.

This beautiful Silver Cross air-ride suspension gives the tiny user a smooth ride (Mumbai-residents complaining about bumpy sidewalks might welcome this idea) and also includes a multi position handlebar. It ensures a comfortable journey for everyone. It costs about £2, 000 and also comes with a certificate of authenticity and an engraved brushed chrome plaque confirming that it’s a limited edition product. Being one of the most expensive strollers in the market, it will be sold exclusively at Harrods in London April onwards.

While there are many who would criticize this vulgarly priced pram, I am certain that well-heeled parents will be queueing up at Harrods to get their babies into one of these. Perfect for a walk down Hyde Park or Central Park this summer, wouldn’t you say? So here’s the question, if you could afford it, would you shell out such a sum for a pram?



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