aztec prints for men

Aztec Prints for Men: Yay or Nay?

Here’s the deal. I rarely ever experiment with prints in my wardrobe. If you know me well enough, you will know that all of my style statements revolve around myriad shades of grey, navy blue, black and brown. And I love my checks too.

I was at the super chic Odel megastore in Colombo, Sri Lanka, recently, to check out the latest trends in menswear. And I am happy to say that I found some pretty interesting stuff, in terms of prints. Aztec prints for men have been pretty huge in the past year and they don’t seem to be going out of style… at least not just yet. Why I love them so much? I love the interesting blend of colours and geometric patters. Also, I think that Aztec prints for men have a tendency to spruce up a look in a jiffy. An Aztec print teeshirt or maybe a small pocket square with the print.
And I’d like to send this message out to guys all over – if you do choose to opt for prints, and I really think you should, then do it right.

Here are some of my picks and how I chose to wear them.

1. I chose this navy blue teeshirt with a complete front panel of Aztec prints. It is a pretty unusual teeshirt to carry off. This look would perfectly suit a very skinny guy.
Aztec prints for menI chose to sport this ‘flashy’ teeshirt with my trusty old white trousers, for two reasons. a. It balances the colour quotient and b. It gives a nice relaxed feel.

And I chose to wear this look with a pair of funky fluo flip flops…not shoes. A relaxed look for an evening stroll or for a lunch on the beach.

Aztec prints for men

And because life is not always a vacation, you will need to dress up your casual looks every now and then. I instantly dressed up this look for a casual meeting with a pair of simple canvas sneakers and slung on my favourite messenger bag. Aztec prints for men

I also managed to find a slight variation of this tee, with grey sleeves. Aztec prints for men

If you don’t want to go all out on the prints, then choose something like this with a slight panel of coloured prints on a basic navy blue tee. I love tees with coloured pockets. They are rare to come by so if you see one, buy it!

Aztec prints for men

Once again, I paired it with a pair of funky flip flops. Aztec prints for men

Love the back panel on this tee. An interesting touch would be if you sported an accessory (watch strap, bag, flip flops) in one of the colours on the printed tee. I chose to wear a yellow strap watch to match a few of the yellow pattens on the tee. Aztec prints for men


Tee shirts courtesy: Odel Sri Lanka



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