The Bespoke Bandhgala Diaries: Part 2

If you haven’t already read my post on the process of having a bespoke bandhgala made, check it out here

Just to bring you up to speed, this post is the second of a two-post series at Aboutir Bespoke Menswear studio in Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda. Some time ago, I detailed my experience of visiting the studio and the absolute delight and luxury of a bespoke experience. And let me tell you, guys, once you go bespoke…you’ll never want to buy off the rack again!

After poring over countless fabric swatches, button options, colours, pocket squares and more, I, with the help of my FABULOUS stylist and owner of Aboutir Devina Chouhan, zeroed in on a GORGEOUS black bandhgala, with a dull gold sheen.

Following the measurement and a fitting, I was called to try on the final ensemble. And here’s what it looked like. I was floored.

That’s me looking very thrilled with my choice.
That’s me looking very thrilled with my choice.
Though the ensemble is black, the dull gold sheen adds a SUPER glamorous and elegant air to it.
Though the ensemble is black, the dull gold sheen adds a SUPER glamorous and elegant air to it.

I was asked to pair my bandhgala with breeches (Jodhpurs), as is the custom, however, I have to admit that I am not very comfortable wearing breeches. I just don’t feel good in them, though I love how they look on others. So I opted for these simple, slim, black trousers which fit me like nothing I’ve ever worn before. Minus the bandhgala, I’d totally wear this with a crisp white shirt for a classic evening look. IMG_1158Because we love pocket squares so much, I opted for not one but TWO. One in black, which keeps the outfit subdued and doesn’t stand out too much. IMG_1161IMG_1169

And one in pale gold IMG_1173

I wore my funky socks to the boutique just because I love them so much. But Devina was quick to give me a stern nod of disapproval. Black socks it is then.

As for footwear, I prefer to keep it simple with these black pointed leather lace-ups. A dark brown pair like this one could also work.

Some folks like to opt for fancy jewelled buttons. I preferred to stay understated with these elegant black fabric covered buttons. IMG_1172



Style tip from Devina: Add a pint-sized dash of colour by pairing a black bandhgala with a bandhni print pocket square. Now wouldn’t that be lovely?

Excelling on all fronts — the look, fabric, fabulous fit and, most importantly, the upheld sanctity of the bespoke experience — I can safely say that Aboutir is where you need to head if you’re looking to tailor-make a bandhgala, a pair of breeches…or a tuxedo! Future bridegrooms, I hope you’re listening!


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