Six Reasons Why The BMW 7 Series is the Most Luxurious Car in India

While on the subject of luxurious dream cars, here’s a thought. In our youth, numbers never really matter and, most often, it is a flashy, muscle car — only the fastest and the loudest will do. However, with time, your tastes evolve and you become more discerning in your choices. After a certain point in life, you do not just want to merely get from A to B but, you want to ‘arrive’ in style! At this discerning stage in life, the choice is inevitably a Flagship Limo.

Now this is one car that truly signifies that you have ‘made it’ in life. Yes, I’m talking about the same vehicle that ferries the incumbent to the highest office in the land, the office of the Prime Minister of India – The Outstanding BMW 7 Series!

Logically, you would expect revolutionary features to first make their way in entry level platforms, followed by evolutionary updates in flagships. However, BMW doesn’t seem to go by such rules, they make their own.
At the recent unveiling of the BMW 7 Series in India, BMW’s India head, Philipp Von Sahr rightly said. “At BMW, we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Now, with the launch of the all-new BMW 7 Series, we are creating the future of luxury. It will be magical and irresistible, just as BMW has always been.” Creating the future of luxury — now there’s a thought I’d like to ponder on.
I recently had the privilege of checking out the BMW 7 Series in India.

While I won’t take the liberty of commenting on the technical and mechanical aspects of the car, I was thrilled to check out the ‘luxurious’ bells and whistles that embellish it. A host of unbelievable features that truly make the BMW 7 Series, the most luxurious car in India, in my opinion. Here’s why.


Sky Lounge: The Panorama glass roof of the all-new BMW 7 Series gives passengers a clear view of the sky – day and night, while creating a generous, open sense of space. 15, 000 light elements create an ambient light design to suit and enhance your mood, creating a cozy, relaxed, rich private environment all your own. If you do choose to open the roof to feel the natural breeze, an integrated, automatically extending wind deflector will protect you against draughts.

BMW Laserlight: This is the next generation of headlight technology. These adaptive LED headlights, with stylish blue accents, illuminate the road in front of you by up to 600 metres! Now you would naturally think this would be catastrophic for oncoming traffic in the oncoming lane, BMW has thought of this therefore the term adaptive as the laser detects oncoming traffic & reduces its illumination accordingly in that direction. Speaking of direction, what about lighting the surface at an angle to you whilst making a turn? Let the adaptive directional curve light beams enlighten your path. Impressive, indeed!

Touch Command: This is basically a 7-inch wireless command centre controlling all the luxury features of the car integrated into the centre armrest of the rear seat in a simple tablet form.
You can adjust your seat, let it give u a massage, change the interior lighting, control the interior entertainment system, sunroof, air-conditioning, radio, make a call. The list goes on…….. Oh by the way, the acoustic experience on this will be on Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system. Sixteen speakers which will bring you an incredible studio-quality experience in the comforts of you vehicle.



Gesture Control: Yes, you read it right. You can now communicate with your vehicle through gestures. Point down to answer a call, brush aside to decline it. Gesture turning your fingers clockwise to increase the volume & anti-clockwise to decrease. You can assign a fifth customisable function by pointing both fingers in a poking motion. You can also talk to your car & expect her to recognise common tasks & phrases like for example, “call my wife”
So no need to look at the dashboard distracting you or your driver from the primary task of driving this beauty.


Carbon Core: The all-new BMW 7 Series is the first car in its segment to incorporate carbon fibre components manufactured on an industrial scale. It makes use of innovating design techniques & carbon fibre which offers strength & safety at the cost of reduced weight. Making the car 130 kgs lighter than the predecessor. This makes the car more efficient, faster & more agile.

Display Key: Now forget everything you know about car keys. This, is the next level. It is your car key and control system in-one with an interactive LCD display. The BMW Display Key shows various information about the vehicle’s status like, remaining fuel and current range, service notifications, as well as the current status of the central locking system, the windows and the glass roof.

IMG_5197Connectivity: The rear seat occupant is expected to have the best connectivity options at his disposal and the fabulous cabin provides just that with a wireless charging dock and an integrated warning system, in case you forget your phone. Also, two USB quickly charging ports are available on standby. The roof aerial ensures that mobile reception is at least as good as outside and a second microphone with an additional volume control ensures optimum comprehensibility when using the hands-free function, even from the front passenger seat. Two mobile phones and a mobile audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. The telephony package includes Bluetooth Office with access to the calendar, SMS and email functions for compatible smartphones. Furthermore, a wireless NFC interface enables mobile phones to be connected to the vehicle effortlessly.


With a car like this, the real magic is always on the inside.
For the jetsetter owning this vehicle, there’ll be a seamless transition between the only two major modes of travel you shall frequent. When you step off a Business Jet or your First Class seat on an airline your interiors and creature comforts will have an exclusivity and uniformity all their own. Except, at the push of a button the Ambient Air Package will fill the car’s interior with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. You can choose from eight different fragrances, specially composed for the vehicle.
This is nothing short or even in excess of your First Class airline experience.


This car was never meant to meet expectations but, to exceed them.
With its high quality materials and craftsmanship, this intuitive and superlatively luxurious time capsule is for the folks already living the good life, to enjoy an even better one.
Now THIS truly is the Future of Luxury.



Feature for UrbanEye by Vishal Jolapara


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