BOVET Uber-Luxe Watches Now In India

At UrbanEye, we are always on the lookout for luxury and uber-luxury brands, with interesting stories to tell.

Bovet 1822 is one such brand. This uber-luxe watch brand stands out from the ‘larger’ Swiss luxury watch brands because of its small scale and high quality. Bovet 1822 discreetly entered the Indian market a earlier this month, through Regalia Luxury Retail (who have also brought down John Lobb and Kiton).  Bovet maintains its uber-luxe positioning with its beautifully crafted timepieces to an ultra-discerning set of watch lovers. The house of Bovet releases no more than 3, 000 timepieces a year, making each piece that much more coveted. Every timepiece comes out of Bovet’s assembly workshop in the historic Castle of Môtiers in Switzerland.

We got a first look at their exquisite timepieces at a private showing — all of Bovet’s timepieces will be showcased to Indian customers ‘by appointment only’.

One of the highlights of Bovet’s collection is the Amadeo System, which allows you to convert the timepiece into a wrist watch, a pocket watch and a table clock without any tools. This feature has been around for about five or six years and it is one of the many features that Bovet is extremely proud of. Bovet has also added a five-year guarantee to their pieces, which is way above the norm for this industry. It definitely shows their confidence in their calibers. Another important part of Bovet’s offering is personalization for the customers e.g. engravings, miniature paintings, etc. Personalization is available even to the entry level consumer.

Here are our favourite watches from our private showcase with Bovet:

The BOVET Fleurier Amadeo Amadeo Tourbillon

This timepiece is really fascinating because the movement has actually been engraved. What usually happens is, when the engravers receive a movement, they start working on it, but in this particular case Bovet approached one of their top engravers and said to her, ‘’if you could design the engraved movement, what would it look like?’’ So she actually drew her interpretation of the movement and then the time piece was made. So for the first time, Bovet actually made a timepiece where the form came before the function. This timepiece also comes with the Amadeo convertibility system.

The Virtuoso VII Perpetual Calendar

This timepiece is one of the complications done by Bovet. It is a 2016 model. The finishing of this watch is absolutely stunning. Usually perpetual calendars are difficult to read, but if you look at this watch, you’ll see how big and easy the letters are to read. Like the other tourbillons made by Bovet, you can wear this timepiece on both sides – each with a different look.. The movement of this watch is completely in-house Bovet movement.


The Virtuoso V Jumping Hour

Another complication done by Bovet, is a timepiece with a jumping hour and retrograde minutes. On the sides, are two little wings, on which customers like to get their names engraved. As per the other pieces, you can also wear this timepiece on the other side! The interesting feature about this watch is that the second hands on both sides of the watch are both turning clockwise, which is mechanically quite complex and interesting.



Another of the complications is called 19Thirty available in both Stainless Steel and 18k Red Gold. It is one of the novelties of 2016. This model does not have the Amadeo system which allows it to be extremely thin. It has a seven-day power reserve, with complete in-house movement. The size is a 42mm and is usually the preferred size for a gentleman.


The Dimier Collection

This is a sub collection of BOVET. The timepieces in the Dimier collection have the crown at three o’clock (as opposed to at 12 o’clock for the BOVET collection). The timepiece that we took a fancy to is quite interesting. The specialty of this timepiece is it has the entire hearth on a half sphere, and around that, the 24 hour time zone. So what you can do with this timepiece, is that, you can select your city (one of 24), and then the hand points toward this city on the world sphere. The Sphere turns so you will always know the correct time in the selected city. At the same time you can know what the time is in any place in the world. Absolutely brilliant.


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas


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