Boys in Bow Ties – Young and Not Fainthearted

Hollywood’s A-list gentlemen have been sporting the ubiquitous bow tie for as long as we can remember. Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass immortalized the accessory as part of his personal style, often using them to capture his female pray. Even Prince Charles is known to have a penchant for the bow tie. He has an entire collection.

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl has immortalised the bow tie on modern-day television
Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl has immortalised the bow tie on modern-day television

Considered by the modern boys to be an outdated an obsolete accessory, most others will agree that the bow tie is more resilient that we would have imagined. Only a few years ago, it was not often that one would spot a well-travelled dandy gentleman sporting a bow tie. However, in the last few season, it has made a spectacular comeback.

This skeleton bow tie worn over a classic white shirt is so much fun.
A bow tie is also used to add a small and quirky touch of colour to a classic attire.


In my opinion, putting on a bow tie demonstrates a playful, defiant sort of confidence, which women absolutely adore. There is a certain boyish charm to a bow tie, making it so irresistible. Wear one to your next party and you will see what I am talking about. A bow tie can alter an ensemble and shouts out “I’m here” thereby drawing attention. It speaks volumes of the person wearing it.

Although extremely popular in the west this trend is slowly picking up in India. If you check out my collection at Brown Boy, you will find an interesting range of youthful handcrafted organic bow ties. I love them even more as they are pre-tied ones. It’s quick and easy to wear and if you do not know how to tie a bow tie (which is the case of most of us 21st century boys) then these are the ones you should be trying.

Red on blue makes this a perfectly preppy combination.
Or maybe you could try a modern moustache print?
This has got to me my favourite: yellow with a cute fish motif.

It looks sharp with jeans and a white shirt. You can add a solid cardigan to this or even wear one with shorts and a shirt to a casual Sunday brunch. It is unbelievably versatile. You can toggle it from looking very IVY league gentleman to a playful anti-hero.

What I like about the bow tie is that it’s both old-fashioned and somehow clearly contemporary. For the young confident 20-something this is a must have. It will lend you that dandy charm without being pretentious. Moreover, we all admire a confident and sharply dressed man. And this is a sure shot one-upmanship.

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