Bridge to Luxury at Berleigh: Mumbai’s Niche Footwear Boutique

While Mumbai’s gentlemen might not necessarily be the most fashion forward in the world, like say the Parisians or the Milanese boys, one thing’s for sure – they do love their shoes. Almost EVERY Mumbai gentleman I have met in the recent past cares tremendously about the footwear he is sporting! That’s always encouraging to hear.

As a shoe lover myself, I visit as many footwear stores as possible and try to find the crème de la crème of course. I am particularly fond of those stores that hold discreet touches in terms of their products as well as their services. Recently, Mumbai was abuzz with the news of a luxury footwear boutique. Berleigh opened up to much fanfare at the heart of South Mumbai, Flora Fountain. We finally decided to check it out and I was taken through their beautiful collections by Payal Bathija, Vrushank Purohit and Sneha Seth, from the team at Heel & Buckle Luxury Pvt. Ltd.

Honestly, one cannot call it a store. It truly is a shoe boutique, where as a customer, you really get lost in the rows of beautifully handcrafted shoes.

Apart from all these beautiful shoes, “the passion that we have for our footwear is remarkable and we did a year of research before opening this store.” Says Vrushank Purohit, Brand Head of Heel & Buckle Luxury Pvt. Ltd.


Exclusivity Factor

Berleigh is a multi-brand store. Three international brands are being retailed at the moment, with each brand possessing its own philosophy and story. The best part about this brand, for me, is that each collection from each brand, features around 12-20 pairs, and these pairs are never repeated except for their bestsellers. This adds an exclusivity and ownership factor that I think is brilliant. We don’t want to be walking around knowing someone else has the same pair, do we? Once sold out, Berleigh does not repeat the styles.

My title states ‘Bridge To Luxury’ because even though these shoes are beautifully handcrafted, they are really quite affordable ranging from around INR 18,000 – 37,000 and that’s another thing I find quite interesting about this store, is its range.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer at Berleigh

Starting with Duke + Dexter, a brand that is manufactured in Sheffield, England. The products from this brand are primarily premium loafers, more fondly known as  ‘Smoky Slippers’. All these shoes are handmade and exclusively available at Berleigh. Each pair has a different name and now, you can also get customizations done on your pair of Duke + Dexters.


Andres Sendra is the next brand that manufactures in Spain. This brand’s footwear is more formal with only a few pairs in the more casual range. All these shoes are GoodYear welted, that means they have three soles stitched together to make them more long lasting, durable and sturdy. Customization on the sole of this shoe is also offered to customers. Andres Sendra also sells belts to match your shoes!


Magnanni, is a brand that is world renowned for their finishing. They have a world- wide presence but exclusively retail with Berleigh. The technique used to make these shoes is the Blake stitch. An anti-skid is also added due to these products made of leather. Patina work is done on these shoes and again, all are 100% hand-made. Magnanni also sells belts, so that you never have trouble finding a shoe-belt combination.


“Apart from our store doing extremely well, Berleigh has two more exciting announcements to make.” Says Payal Bathija, Creative Head at Heel & Buckle Luxury Pvt. Ltd.

She continues, “One, we are launching our in-house line called Heel & Buckle, London which will be a signature collection of shoes as well as accessories and shoe trees. Also, we have recently launched our E-commerce platform.“

And Sneha Seth, Marketing Head at Heel & Buckle Luxury Pvt. Ltd. adds, “Secondly, a home service is soon to be launched for all of you who want to shop from the luxury of your home. All you have to do is let Berleigh know your size, what style and colour you want and their sales specialist will get it to you.”

Berleigh is setting new standards in the luxury footwear niche for Indian gentlemen. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

All you shoe geeks, you can check them out at –

Ground Floor,
ReadyMoney Mansion,
Veer Nariman Road,
Mumbai – 400001


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas 


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