Chandon India: Our very own Home-grown Bubbly

Chandon IndiaAll of you who’ve never imagined an evening out without popping open a bottle of champagne no longer, well, you’re on the right track. And those of you, who think that enjoying the ‘champagne’ experience means burning a hole in your pocket and going broke all weekend, think again. French champagne house, Moet & Chandon, has decided that if we, in India, wanted to enjoy those glamorous bubbles, we might as well grow it ourselves. And that’s how they launched their India-grown sparkling wine, cleverly named Chandon India (symbolising that this can be a ‘bubbly’ experience, but NOT a champagne one — and never make the mistake of referring to it as champagne, unless you want those elegantly-dressed French champagne custodians slapping you on your knuckles for it. Sparkling wine it is!), Moet & Chandon hopes to create a drinking revolution of sorts. This collaboration is the result of tireless work between highly-specialised French wine experts and local grape growers in Nashik. To fine tune the result, an exclusive Moet & Chandon tasting committee was put into place. And the results have been wonderful, to say the very least.

Chandon India comes in not one but TWO varieties: Chandon Brut and the Chandon Brut Rosé. Chandon Brut is made with chardonnay, pinot noir and chenin blanc (the chenin blanc replaces the pinot meunier grape in traditional champagne) while Chandon Rosé is made with Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

The process of making traditional champagne is called ‘Methode Champenoise’, which is indicated on all your bottles of Moet, Dom and Krug. However, when it is made outside the Champagne region, though it may be the very same process, it is referred to as the ‘Methode Traditionnelle’, which can be seen on Chandon’s label.

And most importantly, we cannot forget to mention the almost absurdly affordably price. The Brut at Rs 1200 a bottle and the Rose at Rs 1400 a bottle might be a bit costlier than other Indian sparkling wines and imported prosseccos, but with this kind of quality, the Indian market will be unhesitating. Chandon’s presence, in my opinion, could also be a revolutionary name in the popular concept of ‘champagne brunches’, where diners are often subjected to mediocre quality.

In fact, Mark F. Bedingham, Managing Director, Moet Hennessey Asia Pacific was overheard saying, “A recent addition to the ‘new world’, Nashik is certainly the winemaking heartland of India and offers grape growing conditions that are conducive to creating world class sparkling wines. With the launch of Chandon India, we aim to bring winemaking and the wine culture in India to new heights.”

We at know what we’re stocking up on this festive season. Chandon India is all about being fabulous! Cheers

Chandon India



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