Christmassy food tasting at Slink & Bardot

Recently, I received an interesting E-vite (email invite) from Nick Harris and Chef Alexis Gielbaum the owners of Slink and Bardot for a chef’s table Christmas Special menu to be launched, and I jumped for the opportunity. On the 12th of December as I was driving down to the place, I was thinking about how this place would be? Will it have those sweet French interiors? So after a 45 mins drive and 15 mins of finding the place here I was at Slink & Bardot. A place on a swamped lane between the Indian Coast Guard compound and Worli Koliwada.

The place was almost as I had imagined. Slink’s insides are very different from its surroundings. Once you enter the place you are completely taken aback with the sweet Cinnamony smell in the air downright different from the fishy smell outside. The décor was as I had imagined; typical French yet different in its own way, all upbeat florals, plush seats and nice butter yellow lighting. A perfect place for first dates and cute meet ups, with its beautiful candle lights and wonderful mixed playlist of smooth jazz and latest funky music.


Having said that, after all formal talks, we all were made to sit down on a beautiful dinner table with the Christmas special menu in our hand by Nick and Chef Alexis himself. After asking them a question as to why is the place deep in the interiors of Koliwada; they replied, “We want people to specially seek out Slink & Bardot unlike all the other restaurants on the street where people simply point to a restaurant and say ‘Oh!so today let’s try this place today’.”


After having a small discussion with them we were given their Christmas special drinks which were Ginger bread old fashioned, Candy Cane Shooter, Christmas Cosmo and many more. From which I ordered a nice Tonka Nog which is Eggnog with a strong punch of Hennessy VS and creamy Tonka Bean Mousse – A must –have drink for all the Eggnog lovers.

And so, after few minutes as we all were sipping on our toothsome drinks and sharing a few talks with each other, Chef Alexis brings us our first item on the menu which was the cream Sunchoke Soup which is exactly like Christmas in your mouth. A ravishing creamy texture and taste of the soup was top notch. After the soup we were bombarded with different small plate items from the menu, to name a few: Winter Vegetable Tourte, an extremely delicious Duck a L’Orange with a nice Carrot mash on the side. Then came the moment for which most of us were waiting for were the desserts. Christmas desserts included Strawberry 4 Ways and a beautiful plated Macaron XL Noel. Both the dishes were absolutely delectable.


All in all, an amazing experience at Slink & Bardot. With Nick and Chef Alexis being amazing hosts for the day and serving us succulent and mouth-watering Christmas food items; I’ll surely be revisiting the place shortly.


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