The Coolest Men’s Sunglasses This Season By Luxottica

I’m a ‘sunglasses person’… there I said it. As much as I am obsessed about my shoes and jackets, I find myself constantly looking for new sunglasses to add to my collection. Moreover, I never step out of my house without a pair of my favourite pair of sunnies.
I was recently invited by Luxottica, responsible for bringing some of my favourite men’s sunglasses to India, for an exclusive sneak peek into what’s coming up next season. Here are some of my favourite picks.

When it comes to men’s sunglasses, I think every guy is partial towards Ray-Ban. Whether it is the classic Aviator or Wayfarer design, or even a more modern shape, there’s something timeless about a pair of Ray-Bans. This season, Ray-Ban has released a new range of denim sunnies, which I found fascinating. Stay tuned for a separate blogpost on these.

Men's sunglasses
Ray-Ban’s new Denim Sunnies

Another one of my favourites this season is Emporio Armani’s very trendy pair of sunnies, with a subtle camo-print on the frame. Very very chic!

How awesome would this camo print frame look on a white/black/brown shirt?
A very elegant pair, in my opinion.

I also loved this pair of folding Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, with a Wayfarer-like design. Very retro and perfect for your summer casual or beach ensembles.

A pair of folding sunglasses fits right into your shirt pocket. Ultra-practical.
Dolce & Gabbana’s retro-style folding sunnies.

I then checked out some of Prada’s sunglasses from their Linea Rossa collection. I absolutely LOVED the red element on the stems, with the logo so elegantly marked. It adds a sporty touch to the sunglasses. The bright red metal frame with the holes says ‘industrial chic meets retro-futurism’. This one will not be very easy to carry off, but if you do manage to pull it off then kudos to you.

A red, industrial-style frame for Prada.
Prada’s signature Linea Rossa
Love the clean lines of this pair of sunglasses.

Just before you think that Luxottica’s preview was only about sunglasses, you must know that they also specialise in regular spectacles as well.
I did spend some time checking out the frames in the spectacle section. My favourite this season is Giorgio Armani’s ‘walnut wood’ frames, which have such a delightful vintage appeal. Sporting one of these, I could well imagine myself sitting at a vintage shop or old bookstore in Paris, quoting poets and sipping wine.

Walnut wood frames by Giorgio Armani.
Walnut wood frames by Giorgio Armani.
I love the finish of these spectacles.
I love the finish of these spectacles.

And, in my opinion, there’s no one who does classic chic better than the British house of Burberry. I found their frames to be supremely elegant and decidedly British.

Burberry’s elegant black frames. 
Even Ray-Ban's been doing a pretty decent job at spectacles.
Even Ray-Ban’s been doing a pretty decent job at spectacles.
And it doesn't get any trendier than these Prada spectacles.
And it doesn’t get any trendier than these Prada spectacles.

There you go, those were Urban Eye’s top men’s sunglasses picks for the season, spotted at the Luxottica preview. Stay tuned for more cool accessories and the latest menswear updates.



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