Crushing On: Diesel’s Red Collection

If you go through my wardrobe, you’ll see plenty of watches. I just love them. While I do enjoy the classic metal or leather strap sometimes, I have been experimenting with colours and sometimes even wearing a watch that is mismatched with my clothes. For instance, I recently wore a BRIGHT YELLOW watch with a black tie look. I’ve managed to lay my hands on quite a few coloured watches and that’s what I’ve been crushing on currently. I’ve got yellow, green and electric blue.

I absolutely LOVE Diesel’s new Red Collection of watches. And in particular this one. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog will know how much I love the colour grey. So red and grey on a watch… and I’m in Love. Besides the bright red strap and body, I love the random oversized numbers on the dial as well as the gunmetal elements.

My recommendation: Let this one peek out from under the cuff of a classic white oxford shirt… For a bit of fun, replicate another touch of red somewhere in your wardrobe — red socks, a belt with a hit of red or even a pair of shoes with a red sole… 



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