Crushing On: The Classic Flight Bag

If you know me well enough, there are no points for guessing why I’ve gone gaga over this photo. If you still haven’t figured it out, let me spell it out for you. There’s an airplane in the background (there’s nothing I love more in this world than airplanes), and the model is wearing two undisputed kings in my wardrobe this year – dark denims and desert boots. (I love dark denims because they have really come of age and are becoming increasingly acceptable as a replacement for trousers and chinos in a semi formal setting. And desert boots, well, what can I say. I just can’t have enough pairs). And while we’re discussing these wonderful basics of any stylish man’s wardrobe, let’s not forget the most enviable accessory in this image – the leather bag. What appears to be just another leather satchel to work is so much more. And as it turns out, has an interesting story. Called, The Classic Flight Bag, this model was created by a dynamic American aviator, Paul Lemley – those are his well-manicured hands in the picture by the way – who, like me, is passionate about airplanes and men’s fashion. In a world, where we men are being bombarded by those awfully un-carry-able man bags, Paul thought of something that would serve as an all purpose bag to work, which keeps the style quotient high at all times. Moreover, with all the stuff we carry around to work, it’s hard to find a back that packs it all everything, without looking like an unsightly piece of luggage. In Paul’s words, The Classic Flight Bag is for “the sartorially conscious aviator looking to set himself apart from the herd”. While the breed of sartorially conscious aviators may be dying, I think most of us in other professions would gladly incorporate this to our look. The bag is made with genuine leather and is completely hand-stitched. The cotton-lined inners have a multitude of ultra-practical pockets to fit in everything that you need for a hard day at work. I LOVE the vintage appeal of this piece. Pairing advice, you ask me? I see no two ways… dark denims and desert boots, all the way!!! Check out


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