Crushing On: Wooden Sunglasses

Retro fashion seems to be everywhere. I recently did a post on wooden bow ties¬†and how they add a nice touch to your look. While scouting on the Internet for my next favourite accessory, I chanced upon this company ‘Cassette Eyewear’ that specialises in wooden sunglasses. Quite a cool concept, if you ask me! Upon further probing, I discovered another brand called ‘Schwood’ that also does wooden sunglasses. Would I wear wooden sunglasses…HELL YEAH. Paired with a nice crisp white shirt and chinos or denims, I think a pair of wooden glares could make anyone look like a cool dude. This brings me back to the current fad for all things retro — bow ties, retro suits, waistcoats, pocket squares and cufflinks a la Don Draper — I’m thinking, for those guys who aren’t too experimental, and who’d much rather maintain a conventional style, maybe this is a great option to stand out. Who knows… maybe wooden sunglasses are the next big thing… we’ll be watching


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