A Day in My Life As a Mumbai Luxury Blogger

Being a luxury blogger is not always easy, but it sure has its perks. For one, it requires me to be on my feet for hours on end, meeting people, taking interviews, constantly posting on social media. At the end of the day, it can be quite a a physical strain. That said, I am not one to complain, as it gives me access to some of the city’s glitziest addresses and I can get my hands on some of the coolest machines in the market.
I recently got my hands on the 21st century version of Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle and thought it would be a good idea to chronicle a typical day in my life, as I drive the car around town. And here’s how it went down.

My white Volkswagen 21st Century Beetle is fuelled up and ready for me to drive around town.



Sunrise and Espressos
I love to drive around my neighbourhood at the crack of dawn. And when I’m in the pilot’s seat of such an amazing set of wheels, I can’t help but make the most of it.
It’s a beautiful, cool morning in Bandra today and I drive around do do some of my morning errands, a stop at the neighbourhood coffee shop and pick up a few groceries.
I start the day with a quick read of the Business Traveller, one of my favourite magazines. Since a lot of our blog readers are luxury business travellers, magazines like this help me keep abreast of the trends and help me talk about the best in the industry. A mandatory morning espresso helps me kick start my day like nothing else.

I often like to park by Bandstand and admire the ocean before I get sucked into the daily grind.




Luxury Meets Heritage
My first appointment of the day is at the ITC Maratha at Mumbai airport, where they have recently introduced the concept of ‘heritage and design walk’ through the hotel. What this basically means is that I spend some time with Maxime, the Clef d’Or concierge at the hotel, who will take you on a design and decor tour of the hotel, explaining the different local influences that have gone into each element. The ITC believes strongly in placing their hotels within a certain geographical and cultural context and a walking tour explaining this is a great way to showcase the ‘responsible luxury’ that they use as a motto. If you’re a guest at the hotel, don’t forget to ask for this tour.


Driving an Icon to an Icon

Volkswagen’s Beetle is an icon and hence i thought it would be a great idea to drive it to an address that is in itself a Mumbai icon — the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. And this is exactly what I did. The Taj recently revamped its legendary High Tea service at the Sea Lounge (dare I use the word ‘icon’ again?) and I decided to try it out. A smooth 45 minute drive from Bandra to Colaba later and I found myself within the plush colonial confines of Taj’s Sea Lounge, with a vantage point view of the Gateway of India. Thus began an afternoon of endless cups of tea and exquisite high-tea snacks, brought to the table and from a buffet.IMG_8784


At the end of the afternoon, the Sea Lounge staff lavished me with a spectacular preparation of their famed Snake Coffee — a flambeed, concoction of brandy, Cointreau and coffee, among other ingredients. I didn’t have more than a sip — I don’t drink and drive — but I did manage to get this picture.

In case you’d like to enjoy the Taj Mahal Palace’s High Tea at the Sea Lounge, it is on every day between 3 and 7 in the afternoon and costs approximately Rs. 2, 000 per person for an unlimited spread.


Quick Stop

Before the weekend, I need to stock up on some cologne as I just found myself with an empty bottle. I drive to Palladium Mall in Lower Parel where I make a quick dash to Sephora. I know what I’m getting so this shouldn’t take long — Ermenegildo Zegna’s Italian Bergamot (an all-time favourite) and Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi. That’s done, I’m on my way now.





GroomingGuru Appointment
After a lovely high-tea, I start my drive back to Bandra where I have an evening appointment at the massive Jean-Claude Biguine salon in Bandra. As the GroomingGuru, I make it a point to take good care of my skin and hair at regular intervals and do not hesitate to pamper myself whenever I can. I’ve been a regular at the luxury French salon ever since it opened in Mumbai almost a decade ago.



The new flagship in Bandra is a chic space offering all sorts of hair, skin and grooming treatments. Today, I decide to go in for a mens-specific Bio facial using Phyt’s Men products. The relaxing ritual, targeted specifically to revitalise the fatigued skin of the urban male, has rituals like purifying masks, exfoliating scrubs and hydrating serums. Following this, the therapist cracks open some glass vials of Phyt’s Men balancing serums and oils. At the end of the treatment, I did find my skin visibly revived and moisturised. The Men’s Bio facial definitely gets my vote. The 60-minute treatment costs Rs. 3, 500 plus taxes.



Evening Event

It’s almost 7.45 pm. How the day has flown by.
It’s time for me to head home, quickly change and head for an event at a nearby watch boutique, where a new range of luxury watches is being showcase.

I drive my Beetle to the event and this is followed by some hours of geeking over some uber-luxe timepieces from the likes of Panerai, Cartier and IWC.




So guys, that is how my luxury blogger day panned out. It’s been a tiring but fun time. I’m going to drive by snazzy Beetle back home. Watch this space as I give you an inside tour of the car…Coming soon on UrbanEye, India’s top luxury blog.



So guys, till next time, stay stylish and drive safe!


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