Debating and Discussing Men’s Bags with Abhyuday Purkayastha

Men’s Bags are getting trendier each day, with more men trying to make form meet functionality. We get chatting with Abhyuday Purkayastha, brand manager at Viari, a cool brand that specialises in chic and classy leather bags, wallets, etc. He sheds some light on the different kinds of bags that a man should be using, what works and what doesn’t. Here is our quick conversation with the brand manager himself.

– What are the current bag trends for men?

Abhyuday : For me, satchels are a timeless classic and they are making a comeback. Tan and black always work. Viari has also introduced a few new colours like Berry blue and Lush Green. I think duffles are suitable for when one is travelling or for the gym and for road trips.

Campus Satchel L with Coin Pouch Lush Green
Loving this Lush Green Viari Satchel
Campus Satchel L with Coin Pouch Berry Blue
Viari Berry Blue Satchel

VIARI Camper bag large Olive [Duffle bag]
Olive Duffle Bag
 – The backpack is a much debated subject, with many men opting for it due to its practicality, while others claim that it is low on the style quotient. What do you have to say about that?

Abhyuday : Backpacks for me are always a last resort. Why should one settle for a backpack when they can make a statement instead. Duffles are so much trendier in that aspect.

VIARI Connaught bag Tan [Backpack]
Viari Backpack
 – What about satchels?

Abhyuday : Satchels are highly recommended. They are old school and hence they always work.

– What is the ideal work bag that you recommend for the trendy Indian male these days?

Abhyuday : Satchels, definitely as they are edgy, contemporary and have a sharp design. Also leather always works. Pairing leather bags, accessories and shoes is also very trendy. Canvas is also recommended as it is less weight.

Campus Satchel large Brown
Brown Satchel by Viari
VIARI Camper bag large Khaki [Duffle bag]
Khaki Duffle Bag by Viari

– Give us three things that every man must carry in his workbag beside the obvious laptop, etc.

Abhyuday : For me, three essentials things would be
– A card case instead of a wallet as it is more elegant.

– A business-case since its super sleek and classy.

– A leather-bound notepad since I always find that writing down stuff is easier and so much more convenient. I can remember stuff better that way too.

Viari Wall Street Card Case Chestnut
Viari Card Case
VIARI Gekko Bag - Black [Business case, Workbag]
Chic Black Viari Business Case
Leather-bound Notepad.


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