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Decoding Denim: Shopping For The Perfect Men’s Jeans Fits

Your trusty old pair of denims, ripped by wear and tear, or even the swanky new designer pair you just added to your wardrobe, have got to be the most indispensable part of your daily style staple. Today, there is no denying that in the hierarchy of style essentials, the perfect pair of denims enjoys pride of place at the very top. Such is its importance! That said, finding and owning the perfectly fitted denim is not an easy task.

Today, Urban Eye looks at one of the most important style issue that every style-conscious man has faced at some point in his life – how does one find the perfect men’s jeans fits? We decided to put together a very basic guide to the different men’s jeans fits available in the market, seen through the perspective of my body type. For this exercise I stepped into the Guess store at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai to try on their denims and see what best suits me.
In terms of men’s jeans fits, Guess has broadly classified all its denims into four major fits.
– Slim Straight
– Regular Tapered
– Skinny
– Boot Cut

Men's Jeans Fits
Look, the Guess store even has a wall displaying the four basic fits of men’s jeans

Guess being one of my favourite brands for denims, I frequently find myself in their stores trying on new pairs of jeans every other month. I also find that their basic distinction of men’s jeans fits is the most comprehensible.
So here goes, I decode denim by trying on Guess’ four different men’s jeans fits.

Fit 1. Slim Straight

Slim Straight
This fit is sharp and slender.
Paired with a t-shirt by Guess and shoes by ALDO.

What: This pair of jeans is fitted, without being clingy and goes straight down all the way to the ankle without any tapering. The overall effect created by this fit is that it makes the silhouette look sharp and slender.
Who: Perfect for those with an average to athletic frame. If you’ve got big thighs or buttocks, you could avoid this fit as it might accentuate the area.
Why I Love It: I cannot count how many pairs of slim straight jeans I possess. I find them to be the easiest to wear. This fit is undeniably versatile. I usually wear this kind of jeans with all my shirts and I make sure I bring out my best belts. The look is classic and clean.
What I Wouldn’t Wear It With: I wouldn’t wear slim straight jeans with flip flops as this tends to make the silhouette bulky and slightly sloppy. Loafers are a good option here.
Perfectly Paired With: This is the perfect pair of jeans to pair with a fitted tee-shirt. It is also a great way to show off those fancy new sneakers.

Fit 2. Regular Tapered

Men's Jeans fits
Guess regular tapered jeans paired with a tee-shirt and quilted biker jacket by Guess.
Men's jeans fits
This fit is all about comfort.
Men's jeans Fits
Roll up the jeans if you can, to show off your footwear. Leather sneakers by ALDO.

What: This is a very relaxed fit, which gently tapers at the base, thereby sharpening your silhouette a wee bit.
Who: This fit suits someone with broader thighs and maybe even someone with a big butt as it tends to be slightly more relaxed thereby camouflaging a lot of the fat.
Why I Love It: The very fact that this pair of jeans tapers slightly at the base tells me that it’s all about showcasing the footwear. So I make sure I bring out my best pair of leather lace-ups or even loafers. Besides the footwear aspect, I like how this look tends to be a bit sharper and more slender than a boot cut, for instance. It is also a classic cut, perfect for the workplace, if you are indeed allowed to wear jeans to work.
What I Wouldn’t Wear It With: NEVER wear tapered jeans with sports shoes as the tapering effect suddenly gets interrupted by the large sports shoes, thereby resulting in a bizarre effect.
Perfectly Paired With: This is an ideal cut of jeans for your shirts. Both belted-tucked-in and left out.

Know more about the Skinny Fit and the Boot cut here

Photography By Sanat Gaba


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