Denim Décor – Perfect for a Fashionable Man’s Bedroom

It’s not very often that I am required to write about home décor and the likes. Thinking of décor for a man’s bedroom is not as hard as you would imagine. The standard colours of brown, blue, black and grey do work best. What’s most important is that a man’s bedroom needs to reflect his personality. In my case, being a fashion blogger and journalist, I thought it would be nice to let my life in the fashion industry reflect in the décor of my bedroom. After all, the Grooming Guru’s personal space cannot be anything short of uber-chic.

So when Spaces Home & Beyond got in touch with me to give my bedroom a makeover, the prospect of adding a fashionable touch to my personal space was extremely tempting. I couldn’t help but think of ways to add fashion to my personal space. That’s when they suggested their newly launched Youthopia collection, which, as it turns out, fits the bill instantly. The premium range of bed and bath linen and rugs from the house of Welspun is inspired by my favourite fabric – DENIM. Now could there be anything more fashionable than denim? I have written volumes about how much I love my denim shirts and countless varieties of jeans as well as some trendy denim accessories. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Spaces Home & Beyond thought of the perfect thing for a man’s bedroom.

So have a look at how I personalised by bedroom with this new denim-inspired collection, which is OH-SO-FASHIONABLE.

Here’s a first look at my bedroom makeover.

My favourite colour blue dominates the space, while I’ve added generous touches of red to light things up.
?The colours blend perfectly with my vintage French theme.
The denim-inspired bedsheet has a print and colour that replicate the look of a pair of denims, with a fun geometric print.
Since we are on the subject of fashion, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these pillow covers and the quilt in my favourite print – the houndstooth.
The pillow can also be turned to show off another denim-style print.
Denim and houndstooth. So masculine and so chic!
Notice how the striking denim accent rug goes perfectly with my antique arm chair and quirky pillows.
Even minus the arm chair, the denim rug looks fab on my bedroom floor.
Since we’re going all out with the denim, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate this denim-coloured towel into my décor scheme of things. It looks great on my bed and with all my tech and grooming essentials.

It was so much fun giving my bedroom a denim makeover. I had never ever imagined effortlessly bringing fashion and home décor together. My tip for doing up a man’s bedroom: stick to the traditional colours that go well in a masculine space: blue, brown, red, grey. Try not to overdo it and don’t skimp on colour as it is always fun. And if you find some element of your lifestyle – like denim or the houndstooth print, in my case – go right ahead and incorporate it.

Spaces Home & Beyond’s Youthopia Denin collection, with bed sheets, quilt, towels and bath mats are available at as well as leading retail stores.’

Photography by- Vishal Jolapara


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