Editor’s Fragrance Pick: YSL’s Kouros Silver

There’s something so inherently stylish about sporting a fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. Could it possibly be the brand name that exudes a certain French finesse when you pronounce it? Or could it be YSL’s immense legacy that continues to remain relevant even today, in the fields of both couture and cologne? I’d say that it is a heady combination of the two. For years, I have been a fan of Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrances, having used up many bottles of¬†iconic names like Kouros, Jazz, Rive Gauche and Pour Homme. In fact, I still remember, way back in the ’80s, as a little boy, I would sneak into my dad’s perfume cabinet and spraying on copious amounts of Kouros. Today, I’m happy to say that the #GroomingGuru fragrance pick of the season is the newly launched Kouros Silver.

When perfume-maker Pierre Bourdon launched Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros way back in 1981, little did he know that this ultra-masculine fragrance would attain cult status and enjoy a spectacular reinvention, three decades later, in 2015. The newly launched Kouros Silver is as modern as it gets and I am absolutely in love with its fruity — apple, to be more precise — character. Yet, it does not stray from its original woody and amber quality. There are indeed strong wood and sage notes that characterise the fragrance and the overall effect is, I would say, a perfect reflection of the 2015 man.

Named after the famous Greek sculpture depicting youth and virility, Kouros Silver — and the original Kouros — is just another feather in YSL’s cap, after a string of unforgettable fragrances. An iconic fragrance is always recognised by its bottle — in this case, the Kouros Silver bottle remains unchanged in its shape. I do love the redesigned surface, in a chic deep grey shade, with a slick silver lining, quite literally. The redesigned bottle is in keeping with the contemporary identity of its contents.

And in case you were wondering how to pronounce it like the French do, try this “Eev-San-Lo-Raw”

Kouros Silver by Yves Saint Laurent

Now available in stores across India. Rs. 4, 500. FullSizeRender-2


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