Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke Shoes

Recently, Ermenegildo Zegna’s Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori has created a shoe collection, in honour of the opening of their new store in London. This collection is inspired by nine of his friends. This Bespoke Shoe Collection represents only the very best in terms of luxury, and also a rare experience where Zegna’s customer has the potential to fulfill his desires to create his own idiosyncratic style.

These shoes can only be purchased via the New Bond Street shop and each is entirely handmade and will be made bespoke for the wearer.

In Alessandro’s own words, these are the men that influenced this stunning collection.

Zach-the Biker

Zach is a professional bike racer and dear friend of Alessandro, whom he met on a training program whilst in Italy. Alessandro was greatly inspired by this man due to his fascinating stories of people and places he’s met and seen over the last 10 years of his ‘world tour’.

“This Jodhpur boot is designed for modern globetrotters who are all about comfort without compromising style. I have a personal soft spot for the Zach shoes because it can literally save you on a number of circumstances, you can dress it up or down as the occasion demand.” says Alessandro.


Benjamin-the Dancer

Benjamin is a dancer and choreographer from France, who Alessandro has known for many years and also worked with.

“Just like Benjamin, this double monk shoe fuses a classic root with a strong, modern cut. I can see him wearing this special style for the ballet opening gala with a single-breasted white tuxedo” Alessandro fondly adds.


Adam-The Guitarist

Adam is a music historian, guitar player, and composer who Alessandro met at a live music bar years ago. He influenced Alessandro due to his dedication to beauty and art.

“This rich derby style shoe is a smart casual option that straddles the formal and informal world efficiently.”


Timothy-The Chef

Timothy, Australian born, now runs a Bistro in Paris.

“This eccentric gusset shoe, is designed to maximize the convenience of a lace-less shoe, with the sophistication of a fully leather lined shoe.”


Patrick-The Editor

 A talented fashion writer, and a very god friend of Alessandro.

“I chose for him this plain casual loafer: when it comes to shoes, Patrick is all about timeless, comfortable yet stylish alternatives. Again, this is an amazing accessory that suits a variety of outfits.”


Alexander-The Bartender

A talented bartender, whose basil and black pepper infused mojitos are a favourite in Milan.

“The Alexander is a punched casual shoe, designed to give his outfit a sophisticated edge both during the day and night time.”


David-The Art Dealer

David took after his father’s passion for art and antiques and has been an art dealer for forty years.

“I designed this precious laced casual loafer, for elegant and sophisticated men just like David. Its timeless silhouette and luxurious finishing offers the perfect blend of comfort and flair.”


Sean-The Illusionist

A Polish illusionist. One can attend his show at the State theatre in New York every Tuesday Night.

“This medallion oxford Shoe is specifically designed for men with a keen eye for details.”


Michael-The Sommelier

A French sommelier and maitre’d, to whom Alessandro is a loyal customer.

“The shoe I created for him is the deco square Dress Oxford: an elegant take on a gentleman’s wardrobe eddential.”


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas

With inputs by Ermenegildo Zegna’s Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori


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