Evening Coffee Fix: Nespresso Cappuccino

I spent my evening in style – over a cup of Swiss luxury coffee brand Nespresso…in a specially designed Nespresso cappuccino cup!

I had a choice of flavours – with the Nespresso pods – but I chose my favourite, Capriccio, which is a super strong blend of South American Arabica with a touch of Robusta. Perfect to snap me out of my state of evening slumber.

And for you ladies who are wondering what I’m on about, you might be happy to know that George Clooney, the face of Nespresso, has appeared in, what I term, the most elegant ad campaigns I have ever seen. Look here. Nespresso Cappuccino

Nespresso Cappuccino
Check out all those coloured boxes at the back… the different coffee flavours by Nespresso…SIGH


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