Test Driving The Ferrari 488 GTB In Mumbai

In all honesty, it is hard to maintain journalistic perspective on the launch of any new Ferrari as your fanboy love is inevitably going to clash head on with professional impartiality. Oh well, afterall someone has to carry this heavy burden 🙂

Every year, the world waits with baited breath to see this company almost single handedly and may I say – consistently raise the standards of style, beauty and performance to ever greater heights.

And so, a good forty years after the launch of Ferrari’s iconic first-ever mid-rear-engined V8 berlinetta, the 308, the Ferrari 488 GTB opened a new chapter in the history of cars with this particular architecture.

The amazing 488 GTB was named as The Supercar of the Year by TopGear when it was first launched in 2015 replacing the Ferrrari 458.

The 488 in the car’s moniker indicates the engine’s unitary displacement, while the GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, a reference to its deep roots in Ferrari history.

The 488 GTB boasts a sleek new design, turbo engine (vs the naturally aspirated engine of its predecessor), revolutionary aerodynamics and a plethora of patented solutions which deliver a car at the top of its class in terms of power output with engine and command response times of just 0.8 and 0.06 seconds respectively.

Significantly, however, sophisticated dynamic vehicle controls make this massive power easily controllable even on the limit by drivers of all abilities (including the average driver that yours truly is), resulting in the unique driving pleasure that only a Ferrari can deliver – And boy did it!

Bandra-Kurla Complex with its wide open roads is the perfect setting and this saturday evening with traffic-free streets was the perfect time to be prowling around in this Italian thoroughbred.

It isn’t everyday that i’m blessed to engage Launch Control on my car > set the drive mode to Sport > build-up the revs > have the entire traffic around & behind me lower their windows (and some even step out of their vehicles) to see (and hear) me reach the next traffic intersection just seconds after the light goes green as the rest prepare to put their vehicles in first gear 😎

Popular Aviation Photographer and friend Vishal Jolapara who was shooting my test drive from a chase car relayed the countless gasps and eyeballs the Ferrari 488 GTB was attracting from pedestrians and fellow motorists alike while I was too busy living-up the adrenaline rush.

After a while, when had I settled down and started to appreciate the very many refinements as well as creature comforts of this magnificent machine I couldn’t help but notice the head-turner I am behind the wheel of a car, ahem!

Last but not the least, the sound. This is another Ferrari specialty and the 488 GTB is no different. Believe me, flooring the V8 on this car is the elixir to all your life’s problems. There’s absolutely NOTHING like it! If you’ve ever heard a Ferrari from the outside, oh-ho-ho you have to experience the euphoria from the inside – there just are no words.

So to conclude (and state the obvious), even if you are a hedonist or a petrolhead either ways, the choice really is very simple – this is the universal gold standard of automotive excellence, period.

Photos by Vishal Jolapara


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