Five Reasons To Wear Linen This Summer

Nothing could be more synonymous with summer than linen! While we, in India, are on the brink of a sweltering summer, linen clothing is possibly the most weather-appropriate attire. Not only is it perfect for the weather but has this undeniable resort-chic appeal. When I, for instance, sport a bright linen shirt to work, I am somehow always in a good mood – in a way, it does transport me to a summery place, a luxurious resort, or maybe even a yacht party! That’s what linen represents for me, personally: summer, fun, beach, islands and resorts.
I was at the Grand International Premiere of Goa’s hottest luxury resort recently, W Goa, and I was happy to have stocked up on all my linens for my lazy lunches by the pool or for sundowners by the beach.

I stocked up on Celio India’s summer linens – in bright candy colours – and eased into the Goa lifestyle instantly!
When it comes to pairing linen, the best part is there are no rules really. You throw on a linen shirt, the brighter the better, slip into a pair of linen trousers, and you’re good to go. Mix and match, is the key! The only thing you need to remember is that your linens need to be well-fitted. A relaxed fit is good, but a loose, dowdy look is not cool!
At the risk of stating the obvious, here are five reasons why I think everyone should wear linen this summer.

(Here I’ve paired a navy blue linen shirt from Celio India, with beige linen trousers and a chic nautical scarf for an afternoon in Goa.)

1. Unaffected by Sunlight – As the summer sun beats down on us, linen fights back. It rarely ever fades! This means that you could wear your favourite shirt to visit the beach, this summer, and not worry about it being affected by the harsh rays of the sun.

2. Breathe Easy – As we all know already, linen is the most breathable fabric available to us. Obviously, a good quality linen shirt is much lighter than your classic cotton shirt, and this makes it far more comfortable to wear, when the temperatures soar.

(Paired a light saffron linen shirt from Celio India with blue shorts and white sneakers. Perfect holiday attire.)

3. Cool Quotient – It is resistant to heat and therefore makes for perfect summer attire. It also manages to retain its stylish aspect. Think a slick linen jacket thrown over your ensemble, instead of a regular blazer. Now, that’s a statement worth making!

4. Clean – Linen is also known to reject dirt and even when worn multiple times, does not get that worn-out furry texture. You could, therefore, be reusing your favourite linen trousers over and over again and they still, somehow, manage to retain their look. That’s probably why, knowingly or unknowingly, a lot of gentlemen are opting for linen trousers over denims, in a casual context.

5. Lastly, anyone who has read my previous fashion blogposts, is sure to know that I absolutely love wearing colours. Linen, appears in such gorgeous pastels and bright, candy colours, that it is absolutely perfect to be worn in summer. When it comes to linen, there is one simple rule – the brighter the better!

(I’ve paired a bright saffron linen shirt from Celio India, paired with white pants and a silk scarf to add more colour.0

That said, I hope you guys are gearing up for summer with lots of linen!

Clothes from Celio India’s Spring-Summer 2017 Collection.


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