Trip Report : flyDubai Business Class

Hey Guys. Your favourite Avgeek is back with an interesting new flight experience. flyDubai has always been on my radar as an airline I wanted to try. As part of my job profile, I don’t do much in the budget carrier segment, however, I’ve been reading good reviews about the flyDubai Business Class product. I recently had the pleasure of taking two flyDubai Business Class flights. The first one was an afternoon flight from Colombo to Dubai. The flight duration was just under five hours so it really gave me a chance to experience the product in its entirety. Two days later, I did a short midnight leg, 2 hours, from Dubai to Mumbai.

Here are my overall impressions on the flyDubai Business Class product.
1. Airport Experience – flyDubai aims to position itself as a boutique carrier, catering to two distinct segments — the budget traveller and the premium traveller. The airports reflect this. flyDubai flies out of Terminal 2 in Dubai, which is more-or-less exclusive to the airline, barring a few other small carriers. With the smaller airport size, I found the experience to be absolutely seamless. When I arrived from Colombo to Dubai, it took me exactly 9 minutes to get off the airplane — get into a private Business Class transfer — walk through priority immigration and step into my taxi. This is the kind of speed that business travellers love. Similarly, the departure experience out of Dubai was quicker than anything I’ve ever seen. Lots of business class counters, fast immigration, a small and quiet lounge and, finally, a separate boarding area.



2. Entertainment – This has got to be the best feature of the flyDubai Business Class experience, in my opinion. While the entertainment system is chargeable for economy class passengers, it is offered complementary in business. My seat came with a 12.1 inch touchscreen seen, which was among the fastest and most responsive I have ever seen. A great selection of movies, TV shows, news and music, in a very user-friendly interface. The noise-cancelling headphones are an added perk. I could have spent hours just browsing through the system and playing around.



3. Seats – flyDubai operates the Boeing 737-800 type of aircraft and their Business Class carries 12 passengers in a 2-2 layout. A flatbed is obviously not what you should expect on a short/medium haul aircraft, for short/medium haul flights but the seat more than compensates in terms of comfort. The Italian leather seats, in soft, pleasing colours, have a generous recline, a comfy leg rest and a power socket for your devices.



4. Food and Beverage – Soon after takeoff, the crew hand out menu cards for the meal service. The bar menu has a decent selection of Mumm champagne, Bracott Estate Marlborough white and a Jacob’s Creek shiraz, as well as all the other standard spirits.

Pre-meal drinks are served with a packet of mixed nuts.


The meal is presented elegantly, standard tray service, with a salad, bread, main course of shrimp and rice, and dessert.


Dilmah tea and Nespresso coffee is offered after the meal. No points for guessing, I chose the Nespresso.


5. Great Service — The crew on both my flights were proactive, warm and hospitably. Consistently referring to all Business Class passengers by their name adds a nice, exclusive touch. Through the flight, the crew come around with snacks and chocolates to nibble on.
I snacked on some chips, a Lion bar and a Nespresso before arrival.


My verdict: flyDubai Business Class product is very impressive. For the short and medium-haul network that it offers, the seats and onboard service are exemplary. The arrival, departure and transit experience at Dubai are consistent and seamless, especially for the fast-paced business traveller.


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