Four Bow Tie Rules For Men

A man once said “Wearing bowtie is a statement. Almost an act of Defiance”

Classic BT3
Classic Bow Tie

The style statement of many great men over the years has always included a bowtie. From John F Kennedy to Justin Timberlake, the most stylish characters like James Bond and Gatsby regularly sport a bowtie. Even the gangsters in the 60’s to the tycoons of today wear bowties.

The obvious choice to wear a bowties is always with a suit, a checkered shirt & blazer, but you can always style a pair of jeans and a shirt or even on just a polo t-shirt and shorts and add on a bowtie. The style quotient has definitely changed for the gentleman and the change is that there are no rules. The only question that needs to be answered is “Does it make you look good?” and when it comes to a bowtie that answers going to be YES!

Classic BT1
Classic Bow Tie

Since I don’t believe that there are any rules, so here’s an understanding of how I would wear a bowtie

Firstly, we don’t need an occasion. We don’t need an engagement or a wedding to rock a bowtie. We don’t need a suit, a ballroom, or shiny shoes. You can wear a knitted bowtie on a denim shirt, bright colored shorts and boat shoes. The times have changed. Break your bow ties out of their usual suit routine and put them with something unexpected, like your old high school denim jacket. (Please see attached bowtie from The Bro Code. image: )

Knit BT2
Knit Bow Tie

Secondly, pick your type and find your style. Self-tie, clip-on and pre-tied; to be honest wear whatever makes you comfortable and you feel best in. The bow styles have evolved and we are completely spolit for choice with the styles, materials and prints. We can now pick from materials such as cotton, polyester, velvet, silk, knitted silk all the way to wood. Including a variation of polkad, stripes, paisleys and even studded bowties. The styles to differ, offering you skinny, butterfly, batwing, rounded to diamond. A bow tie’s smaller surface area means bolder colours and prints won’t overpower your other patterned classic pieces. So don’t hold back!

Polkad BT
Polkad Bow Tie
Stripes BT
Striped Bow Tie

Keep it in proportion. Its simple, The width of your bowtie should not be bigger than the width of your face and it should not be bigger than the width of your collar. Adjust your bow tie to your neck size and tie it up to see how it feels. It should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. Make sure you can breathe.

The classic neckwear piece is the easiest way to add personality to your everyday looks, so Enjoy it. You are going to get the attention.

Knit Polkad BT
Knit Polkad Bow Tie

Contributed by-

Sohel Lalvani

Co-founder of The Bro Code.


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