Four Indian Shoe Brands We Love

For those of you who have been following me for a while now, you’ll be well aware of the fact that I am indeed a shoe freak. I absolutely love shoes and for me, shoes are as important a piece of clothing as any other. I know that a lot of followers also share the same love for shoes that I have. Hence, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Indian shoe brands, so that you can know a little more about where I get my shoes from and you can also get some for yourselves!
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VAPH Shoes
Harish Nekkanti, founder of VAPH, grew up in family that specialized in all things leather. Tired of giving preference to big brands that are all about the bucks while compromising on quality, Harish decided to create a brand that offers well-crafted, affordable leather footwear without sacrificing the quality of the products.
In Harish’s words, ”Our design philosophy is to deliver clean, functional and well-crafted footwear. We emphasise a lot on supreme comfort by equipping all our shoes with soft leather lining and memory foam footbeds. For the future, we are spending a lot of time developing new sneakers, loafers and moccasins.”
The average cost of VAPH shoes varies from Rs.2,500-4,000.
Keep an eye out for their upcoming collections!


Monk Ford
Monk Ford, a luxury shoe brand, was founded in October 2016 by Zenia and Malik Merchant, a Mumbai based power couple.
Zenia graduated in fashion design, while Malik studied Entrepreneurship as well as Footwear Design & Development. With their combined passion, Monk Ford was built on the fundamental principles of attention to detail and perfection.
The aim at Monk Ford, is to combine age old leather techniques with modern design to create the most quintessential shoes that transcend style and time. Interestingly enough, their offering also includes suede shoes
The price of Monk Ford Shoes ranges from Rs.6,000 – 9,000.


Harper Woods
Founded by Soham Rastogi in October 2015, Harper Woods is a brand that offers completely customized, hand made shoes with expert craftsmanship.
Harper Woods focuses on giving customers exactly what they visualize.  Their visualization studio is a powerful tool, with the latest technology and use of only the best materials and processes. Super interesting to know that Harper woods will also be creating a vegan shoe collection. Cant wait to see what that turns out like.
Average cost – Rs.7,000-12,000


The interesting name is derived from their mission of creating ‘Art for men’.  As the inspirational founder Sukrit Khanna says, “we allow our customers to wear their imagination on their feet!” Launched in May 2016, Artimen doesn’t just create shoes, they let you design your own shoes as well! Artimen makes both casual fabric shoes that start from Rs.2,500 and go upto 5,500, as well as leather shoes that start at Rs.8,000 and go upto 18,000.


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas


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