Four Types of Ties Every Man Must Own

Neck ties are like an artist’s brush stroke on a blank canvas- they define your style while determining the character of your ensemble.

Not to be treated as pieces of mere adornment, we list four types of ties every gentleman must have-

  1. A dab of Crimson
SS HOMME Deep Crimson Twill Tie
SS HOMME Deep Crimson Twill Tie

Warm shades such as Maroon, Crimson, Brown and Rust very well compliment classic Suits (in Greys, Blues and Black) making this your go to Tie. We recommend this staple Tie to be of a regular width (2.5”) so that it can be manoeuvred from ceremonial occasions to corporate events with effortless ease.

SS HOMME Orange Silk Tie
  1. An accent of print

Don’t shy away from Ties with prints such as paisleys, polka dots, checks and so on. They add an element of festivity to solid coloured Jackets or to subtly patterned Suits and are therefore the preferred choice for formal yet intimate gatherings (such as weddings and dinner parties).

  1. SS HOMME Maroon Paisley Tie
    SS HOMME Maroon Paisley Tie
SS HOMME Rust Herringbone Tie
SS HOMME Rust Herringbone Tie
  1. A patch of knit

If you’re apprehensive that its boyish charm will compromise the seriousness of your Suit, either pair your knit Tie with a classic Tie Bar or reserve this sportive accoutrement for your casual Blazers.

SS HOMME Maroon Knit Tie
SS HOMME Maroon Knit Tie
Black knit tie
SS HOMME Black knit tie
  1. A streak of Black

Following the ‘when in doubt, wear Black’ mantra, invest in a Slim Black Tie. Do keep in mind that suiting norms dictate that the Jacket’s lapel width should correspond to the width of the Tie. Contemporary in its appeal, this accessory can be worn for nonchalant night outs with peers. Refrain from very slim Ties when socializing with a group senior (in age or stature) to you.

Contributed by our guest editors Sandeep Gonsalves and Sarah S. Gonsalves, co-founders of SS Homme. 





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