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Off-the-rack shirts are for mannequins. Next time you are in a departmental store, sneak in behind the mannequin wearing the shirt like it is custom-crafted for its perfectly proportioned, zero-fat torso. A quick glance will reveal folds of cloth pinned in various places to give the mannequin its flawlessly fitted shirt. Yes, a shirt is never too large nor too snug for a mannequin, because it is fitted to its size.

Are the shirts in your wardrobe really fitted to your size? Ever felt like you are “floating” in a too-large shirt? Or getting pinched around the armholes in a too-small one? Worse, do your shirts have a too-short shirt-tail that keeps getting untucked every time you change your position?

It’s time to boycott shirts made for mannequins, and dress like a man instead. Get bespoke shirts, perfectly fitted to your size and customized to your personal style.

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Imagine wearing a shirt in which your collar clasps perfectly at the throat – no overlap, no gap. Your cuffs kiss your wrist, and the shirt-tail is long enough to tuck in without “bunching”. Vitruvien is here to offer you all of this and more.

Fitted Collar: One or two fingers should comfortably fit in between your collar and your neck when the shirt is buttoned to the top.

Shoulder to shoulder: The seam of the shirt should lend a snug fit to your shoulders for ease of movement.

Cuff It Up: The shirt should fit snugly on the wrist without feeling tight and not move more than an inch up your wrist when you bend your arm.

Perfect sleeves: Sleeves should be trimmer for a fitted silhouette and still afford ease of movement.

Get It Off Your Chest: No excess fabric around the torso and not too tight that there is pulling at the buttons.

Trim the (Fabric) Fat: The shirt should taper down your torso to skim your waist and not bunch up when you tuck it in.


A note from the Rajesh Goradia, co-founder of Vitrivien, a Mumbai-based made-to-measure shirt company. Rajesh has authored this feature. 

Sleeve length, collar, cuff, pocket, button – customize the tiniest element to ensure that your shirt manifests your individuality. During a custom-made experience like ours, add your measurements by selecting from our standard sizes, sending us a shirt that actually fits well or giving us your shirt or body measurements.

Our tailored shirts for men are made from high-quality cotton fabrics sourced from reputed mills. Solids, stripes, checks, monotones, prints – play with an array of styles and colors until you like what you see. Design your own signature shirt – complete with a personalized monogram – for every occasion.

The result? A shirt perfectly fitted to your unique body type, accompanied by our unique Fit Guarantee. Dress your way to power; explore the night circuit; and look effortlessly cool with your very own Vitruvien shirt.

Rajesh Goradia, Vitruvien, Guest Contributor at



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