#GQInsider: What To Expect at Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights

Menswear in Mumbai is finally coming of age, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. What better way to celebrate the fast-paced, rapidly evolving menswear space in India than to showcase the country’s most cutting-edge names in menswear, specially curated by our favourite men’s fashion bible, GQ India. GQ Fashion Nights, in association with Van Heusen, is, what I would call, a capsule version of a men’s fashion week, taking place on 1st and 2nd December in Mumbai.
Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights promise to pack in a lot of punch in terms of menswear. Case in point, we are looking forward to a stellar line-up of menswear trends, showcased by some of our favourite couturiers.
Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights is a commendable initiative to take Indian menswear to the next level. This is a space that has long been neglected in our country and, in my opinion, we need to push it even further. Such an initiative will not only further the cause of these menswear designers, but also, hopefully, spark off a sartorial revolution of sorts, where menswear designers can finally find a place in the sun and where excellence in tailoring will finally be recognised, acknowledged and praised. The concept of Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights is a novel one, which, I hope, someday will translate from a two-day affair to a proper men’s fashion week, in the not so distant future.

We at UrbanEye, India’s most respected menswear and luxury blogs present the line-up of designers that you can expect to see, spread across two nights. Read on, to find out just what to expect and who these selected designers are.

Dhruv Kapoor:  

Dhruv Kapoor for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

Designer Dhruv Kapoor, brings to you a new approach called “Specialised Ready to Wear”, setting aside the classic styles to offer a collection that is a mix of science fiction and tradition. This new collection showcases puffed air-force jackets, layered jackets, micro shorts mixed with trousers, etc. Fabrics experimented with, vary from classic cotton to techno jersey and boiled wool.

Raghavendra Rathore:

Raghavendra Rathore for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

No one does classic elegance better than our very own ‘Bandhgala Baron’. Raghavendra Rathore’s label “The Imperial India Company” is a brand inspired by the Raj with a mix of military, intellectual and oriental looks. This brand offers Jawar waistcoats, Nehru jackets, Achkans, etc. In his attempt to constantly reinterpret Indian menswear classics, the collection also includes a twist to the modern indian kurta, making it wearable as a  western outfit too.

Rajesh Pratap Singh:

Rajesh Pratap Singh for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

Rajesh Pratap Singh is a recipient of multiple awards for his designs and creativity. His new collection showcases garments made of natural indigo wool, woven copper, woven stainless steel, etc. His stylings are flawless combinations of modern and traditional design, with clean lines, detailing and international silhouettes.

Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna:

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

Transition Tale by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna is inspired by the digital age and the challenges of new and modern times. This collections colour palette includes monochromes, charcoal, teal etc. The prints of this collection are inspired by nature and, of course, fabrics of leather, linen, etc bring out the feel of their line.

Shantanu & Nikhil:

Shantanu and Nikhil for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

History comes to life as Shantanu & Nikhil unravel their portrayal of men of independent India grasped in turmoil over the national movement on one hand and the partition of the United India on the other. A glimpse of the aristocracy and heritage elegance lost to land disputes. Shantanu & Nikhil present to you The Cabinet Mission, while they bring back the essence of the Nehruvian era through cutting edge silhouettes, keeping in accord with the contemporary styling of the modern day man paired with a colonial blend of British India.

Troy Costa:

Troy Costa for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

This guy is the dark horse of the lot. In his new collection, inspired by the City of Love, Troy Costa offers structured silhouettes, gilets with leather lapels, digitally printed dinner jackets, while welcoming back polka dots, brooch pins, etc. A colour palette ranging from Midnight blue to Lacquer red and Ivory, complimented by fabrics of light wool, leather, jacquard.

Ujjawal Dubey:

Ujjawal Dubey for Van Heusen GQ Fashion Nights. Photo Credit - Mannish Mansinh GQ India

Antar-Agni has been designed exclusively for the Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights and incorporates the colours dark blue, navy, black and light grey. This collection also includes clean, sharp silhouettes. Being young and dynamic the collection adds a cutting edge to the looks. Trendy stripes and edgy fabrics with a good mix of short lengths and drapes is the core essence of the collection.

Your #GroomingGuru, Riaan, is the #GQInsider for this event and I will be bringing you live, exclusive updates from the event, dissecting trends and talking to industry leaders. I am all set to share my Van Heusen+GQ Fashion Nights experience with you so please stay tuned.

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