Grooming Guru: Hilarious Labels on evo Products

As the Grooming Guru, I am constantly in the quest for the best grooming products. And I often chance upon some interesting stuff. The other day, I was introduced to this quirky new label of grooming products called ‘evo’ products, which is from Melbourne, Australia.

I got my hands on the evo products shampoo, which they call ‘normal person’s shampoo’ so I am assuming it means its for normal hair. Same for the conditioner. But it doesn’t end at the name…Read the label. It was hilarious. evo ProductsWith my obsession for hair products, I checked out their styling wax…which I loved by the way.. and here’s what the label looked like. They call their texturising wax box o’ bollox, if you please. Love it! evo ProductsHave you seen any interesting grooming product labels or containers lately? I’d love to hear from you if you have…
In the meanwhile, impeccably groomed ALWAYS…ANYWHERE…ANYTIME…




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