The Grooming Guru: Friday Dressing For Men

So here’s the deal, I don’t quite work in a corporate set-up, so I am not really required to wear formal suits through the week. However, I do tend to wear formal button-down shirts through the week, albeit with jeans. So when Friday comes, I go all out to experiment with fun stuff. What does Friday dressing for men, really mean? It could mean many, things – a semi-formal look, a formal look with a twist (say sneakers) or maybe even a casual look. I shan’t get into the details of that. I shall let you use your imagination. For me, Friday dressing is not about toning down a formal look, it’s about toning up a casual look.
So here’s what I did.

I just did a very ordinary jeans and tee look (which would, actually be too casual for me to work in, even on a Friday) and I dressed it up with this sleeveless, quilted jacket, also referred to as a gilet. The sleeveless gilet sharpens my silhouette and dresses up the look instantly. It’s so much fun, because I can pair something like this with almost anything.
So that’s my interpretation of Friday dressing For men this week.
Tee-shirt: Uniqlo
Sleeveless Jacket: French Connection
Jeans: French Connection
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Watch: Guess

Stay stylish, boys!


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