Grooming Guru Picks: Romy Natural Products

As a grooming guru, I am always on the lookout for interesting new products to try…and if they’re good I make sure I incorporate them into my grooming ritual. While there are some leading brands that I have been loyal to over the years, I like to unearth smaller brands that do nice products with interesting ingredients.

I recently discovered Romy natural products, which come straight from the super chic Northern Beaches of Sydney and are actually made with Australian bush fruit extracts. This range of body care products are all derived from plants so there are no side effects.

I tried out the Romy Natural Products Cinnamon & Cocoa Body Butter made with Kakadu Plum Extract….and it was lovely. Smooth texture and the fragrance…it felt like I was literally brushing fresh cinnamon sticks all over my skin. It has Vitamine E and Green Tea extracts, making it even better. As a guy, I don’t use body butters very often as I find them too heavy in texture. It has Vitamine E and Green Tea extracts. I somehow liked this one and would probably use a small amount of it on my skin after a shower, especially if I’ve got dry skin in the winter. Romy Natural Products

Cinnamon & Cocoa Body Butter made with Kakadu Plum Extract

I have a fetish for hand products and I make sure my hands look in top shape all the time. I was happy to try the Hand and Nail Cream, once again from the Cinnamon and Cocoa range. It left my hands feeling smooth and soft.
Grooming Guru tip: Always keep a tube of light hand cream in your drawer at office and apply some in the middle of the day. It can instantly pick you up. Your hands feel good and you smell good in the middle of the day. I’ve said this before and I WILL say it again…every guy MUST use hand cream!

Romy Natural ProductsCheck out Romy’s range here … In the meanwhile, I will try to check out some more of their man-friendly products too…

Stay tuned for the Grooming Guru’s next product post…Till then, ALWAYS stay stylish and stay well-groomed.



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