The Grooming Guru’s Five Commandments For Men’s Jeans

1. When it comes to men’s jeans, I always say ‘Stick to your brand’. If you find a fit and size that suits you, it is best that you go back to the very same brand every time, to buy the very same pair in a different style/colour. That way, you are sure to get just what suits you. For instance, I find that Guess Jeans slim straight cut, waist 32, fits me like a glove. Every season, I go back to the store to pick up the very same size/cut, in a different colour. And it works just fine for me.

Men's Jeans
Guess Jeans’ slim straight cuts fit me perfectly.

2. A pair of clean, dark denims is indispensable these days. Dark men’s jeans have become an accepted replacement for formal trousers in many contexts. So it IS appropriate to show up at a semi-formal event in a pair of dark denims – paired with a jacket if you like. However, make sure that this pair is free of any flashy wash patterns, rips or tears anywhere. There is nothing more appalling than a gentleman in ripped jeans paired with a jacket.

Dark denims are considered to be an acceptable option for a semi-formal wardrobe.
Dark denims are considered to be an acceptable option for a semi-formal wardrobe. Jeans: GUESS Shoes: ALDO

3. Your footwear is probably as important as the pair of jeans you are wearing. What about those retro boot cuts, you ask? I prefer to stay clear of them but I know that a lot of you guys do like them. As the name suggests, wear them with boots – desert boots are a good idea. Boot cut jeans and flip flops are a NO NO. If you do sport a pair of skinny jeans, loafers and sneakers look best. You could even rock a pair of flip flops, but I continue to be partial towards loafers.

4. Men’s jeans are to be kept bulge free. And when I say bulge, I mean those caused by a thick wallet, a mobile phone, your house keys or your chunky car keys. If you are show off your pair of jeans, which flatters your silhouette, you don’t want to spoil the overall appearance with an unsightly bulge. That’s what messenger bags, totes and backpacks are for.

5. Butt crack beware – When you are wearing a fitted pair of jeans, especially low waist ones, there is a tendency for your shirt or tee-shirt to ride up and expose some skin around your waist. You may be extremely fit, with a six pack and without an ounce of fat around your midriff, however, for a self-respecting gentleman, it is extremely unsightly. When you sit, make sure you are aware/conscious of your shirt behind, pull it down and keep your waist covered. And if, God forbid, your butt crack peeks out from under your jeans/shirt, the style police will arrest you instantly.

Men's jeans
Denims are to be kept bulge-free.
Jeans: GUESS
Shoes: ALDO

Photography Sanat Gaba


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