#GroomingGuru Seasonal Pairing Guide

It’s that time of year again, when the weather swings wildly between monsoon downpours and muggy, humid days. This season, I always find myself vexed, wondering whether to choose elegance over comfort, or vice versa. Sure thing, this season, thick fabrics are a no-no and the last thing you need on your body is a bunch of sweat or rain patches. I thought I’d put together this quick pairing guide for the season, perfect for the tropical monsoon climate. I dropped in at the United Colors of Benetton store recently to pick out pieces from their Spring-Summer 2016 collection, to put together this pairing guide. I thought of a series of occasions and accompanying looks, something that I would personally love to wear this season. Don’t forget, we’re not only battling the rain but also the heat. So keeping it cool and stylish can get challenging at times. Have a look at the pairing guide. We hope it answers your sartorial questions.


Collage 1S - sub500kbPrinted Shirts + Solid Bottoms (#Sundowner):

The most breathable fabric I could think of wearing during a muggy monsoon, especially, for a shirt would be linen. Linen has been making a huge statement for the past few seasons. Not only because of the comfort factor but also for the relaxed yet edgy look a linen shirt can give you. I’ve picked out a floral print linen shirt and to neutralise this look, I’ve picked up a pair of grey trousers. The prints definitely need to be under the spotlight when this is worn.


Collage 2S - sub500kb Denim + Printed Detail:

Its 2016 and we still aren’t over denims yet. Well, I can’t complain it is a men’s fashion staple and no collection can be complete without some dapper denims. I came across this really cool denim tee with patch pocket detailing. I actually might contemplate doing a denim on denim look for a day out in the city. I’ve clubbed that tee with a pair of ice blue stretch denim jeans. To give this look an interesting touch I’ve added a pair of nautical canvas shoes. Canvas footwear too is ideal for summer (and maybe on a day when it’s not raining).


Collage 3S - sub500kb

Linen + Linen (Perfect Beachwear):

Some people prefer wearing shorts simply for the comfort factor, whereas others like it due to its ‘simple yet smart’ factor. Personally for me, I think shorts can do both jobs effortlessly. Linen, as I mentioned earlier, is absolutely perfect for shirts this season. But why stop there? Don’t you think it would great if we had linen shorts too? Yes, absolutely yes. Shorts usually should be of subtle colours, and if it’s well ironed, (always iron your linens, boys) it allows you to wear your favourite shirt wherever you want, carefree, on a beach or on a monsoon weekend drive.


Collage 4S - sub500kb

Printed Shorts + Solid Tee

You just can’t go wrong with this combination. The formula is simple as pie. A light blue cotton tee and tropical print navy shorts. Works like a charm!


Collage 5S - sub500kb


Prints + Prints

If you’re an Avgeek, this probably might end up being your next favourite shirt. Prints always make shirts and tees more chic and irresistible. A huge styling trend I’ve noticed this year is ‘prints on prints’ and ‘prints on texture’ Linen trousers with small dotted detail with an all-over Avgeek print shirt consisting of lovely aircraft blueprint print. This is one of the coolest shirts I’ve found from the collection.


Written By Mikhail Gomes

Photography by Vishal Jolapara


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