Guess Jeans For Men – Finding The Perfect Fit of Denims

In our last blog post, we were at Mumbai’s Phoenix Mills, scouting for Guess Jeans For Men and figuring out which of the four basic denim fits best are best suited for each body type. We have already covered the first two fits – Slim Straight and Regular Tapered. Read more here

Fit 3. Skinny

The perfect urban boy look: Denim shirt and jeans by Guess, Tote and Brogues by ALDO.

What: The ultimate pair of jeans for the modern man. It literally clings to your body like a second skin and if you are fit and trim, there’s no better way to flatter your silhouette than a pair of skinny jeans
Who: This fit is not always easy to carry off, especially for most Indian men as we have broad thighs. The skinny fit is perfect for someone who is, well, skinny, with with a flat tummy. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is also a very ‘young’ pair of jeans, which tends to look better on a younger public.
Why I Love It: It has a fabulous slimming effect, makes your silhouette look sharp and can even make you look younger in some cases.
What I Wouldn’t Wear It With: I would never wear skinny jeans with a shirt tucked in. It just looks odd – unless of course you have got a washboard flat tummy to pull off the look. Another thing I wouldn’t wear skinny jeans with is a very clingy tee-shirt. Tight at the bottom, loose on the top, is the rule that I like to follow.
Perfectly Paired With: For me, a pair of skinny jeans always goes well with a smart shirt. Think denim, indigo even flannel.

Never wear a short shirt or tee-shirt with skinny jeans. Covering up your waist on an already tight silhouette is the key.

Fit 4. Boot Cut

The Boot Cut has the denim world divided into loyalists and naysayers.

What: As its name suggests, the boot cut is essentially meant to be worn with boots. So it flares up gently at the bottom. Some of the retro boot cuts have very noticeable flares at the bottom. Thankfully, this pair of Guess boot cut denims made the cut less evident.
Who: You just can’t go wrong with this cut. It is in particular suited to very tall people, who can further lengthen their frame with a boot cut.
Why I Love It: I don’t have to worry about my jeans running up and showing my mismatched socks. With a boot cut, the bottom of your jeans fits over your shoe like an umbrella making the silhouette look absolutely perfect.
What I Wouldn’t Wear It With: This fit is ONLY to be worn with boots or lace-ups. Pairing your boot cut with flat sneakers will only make you look awkward.
Perfectly Paired With: Desert boots, suede safari boots or even Chelsea boots.

Tee-shirt and jeans by Guess, Tote and brogues by ALDO.
Tee-shirt and jeans by Guess, Tote and brogues by ALDO.

Photography By Sanat Gaba


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