How A Gentleman Should Flaunt A Logo

I’ve heard so many guys tell me that they absolutely hate sporting logos in any form. Which is fine by me. However, in my opinion, it is easier said than done. At the end of the day, the fashion industry does have a strong ‘brand’ element to it and it would be foolish to try and shake it off. I must confess that I sometimes do like my logos. That said, you won’t see me strutting the streets of Mumbai with oversized logo tees or big branded belt buckles. That’s just not my style. For this month’s personal style feature, I decided to put together an easy lesson in style, to show you how a gentleman must flaunt his logos. The key word here is RESTRAINT. Always show off a logo, with a dash of restraint. Sometimes visible, sometimes not. It must be well-put-together yet appear effortless. Rest assured, the effect will be greater and your style statement will be stronger
I dipped into the Fall-Winter 2015/16 collection of French Connection — a brand whose cheeky logo tees I have grown to love over the years — to put together a gentleman’s lesson in logos. Enjoy…

  1. Visible yet Subtle – Take this polo, for instance, while it does bear the FC monogram, it remains rather understated. I am of the opinion that polo tees are a great way to show off a logo, as the logo remains small in size and breaks the monotony of a solid polo


Another example is this navy polo with a fine texture, bearing a classy tone-on-tone logo, which does the trick for me.






Or this classy gingham checked casual shirt with a colour highlighted logo.IMG_7946

2. A Statement Tee with An Invisible Logo – This nautical striped tee has got to be my favourite piece from French Connection‘s current collection. If you look at it from a distance, it looks completely unbranded, however, if you go up close, the chest pocket does bear the ‘F’ logo in white, which makes for a small and interesting touch.



3. Peek-a-boo: Sometimes a good way to sport a logo is to let it show, just a little bit but not too much. The idea of calculated restraint comes up again. Look what I did here. A simple grey jersey logo tee, with a quilted gilet, allows my logo to be seen sometimes and remain concealed at other times. Layering is a good way to play the peek-a-boo game.


4. Unusual Places – Wouldn’t it be nice to let your logo show from a different part of the garment? It doesn’t always have to be plastered across your chest in bold letters. Take this polo, for instance, I like how the brand name is displayed on an understated black tag, along the side seam. It shows that you do like your brands but are not about to shout from the rooftops to prove it. IMG_7901

5. Loud and Proud – Every now and then, I love a cheeky tee. And French Connection, owing to their name and FCUK lettering, come up with some pretty racy tees. I love to sport them with absolute gusto. IMG_7956

If, however, a tee like this is a tad too much for you, I recommend the ‘peek-a-boo’ method. IMG_7958-2


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Photography Vishal Jolapara

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