How Fashion Is Evolving In India — Using A Tablet To Create a Bespoke Suit

After a long, long time, I’m happy to be blogging about a subject that truly has got me thinking about fashion, and the direction it is taking in the 21st century. We will agree that certain institutions of fashion have been sacred and untouched for the past few decades. The tradition of the bespoke suit is a perfect example of this. Long cherished and promoted by the tailors of London’s Savile Row, the couturiers of Avenue Montaigne in Paris or Milan’s su misura experts or even your trusty neighbourhood tailor here in India, the bespoke suit has traditionally revolved around a basic interaction between the tailor and the customer, with no external interference. But in today’s times, things have changed and technology plays an important part in every aspect of our lives.  And if it means incorporating technology into a traditional area of fashion, I don’t see why not.

So when I learnt that the Arvind Store had come up with the idea of giving its customers a ‘21st century bespoke suit experience’, I couldn’t help but stop to take notice. My interest was instantly piqued – these guys, responsible for bringing a host of leading international brands to India, were now proposing to integrate a tablet to help enhance and streamline the process of custom-making a suit. Now don’t misunderstand me, the tailor continues to be at the core of the experience, however, his expertise is complemented by this tablet, used to store measurements, offer options, showcase possibilities and finally convey the data entered into the tablet to the manufacturing team. ?Recently, I was invited by the Arvind team to fly to Bangalore to experience the tablet-bespoke experience at the Arvind Store. Read on to find out how it panned out for me.

The first step of the experience is to choose your fabrics and colours, from an enormous selection. Take your time to choose materials depending on the colour, quality and your budget.
Some British-sartorial fabrics.
Some fun shirting fabrics in case you want to make a shirt to go with your suit.
Snapshots of the tablet interface dot the store.
I feel like this is going to be fun.
I chance upon a colourful display of shirt buttons. But I’m not making a shirt today so we can walk on.
I finally get a look at the tablet that is going to accompany me on my journey to making the perfect suit.
A quick selfie to show you guys the options on the home menu for the bespoke experience. I clicked on suits.
As soon as I entered the suits section, I was given a whole range of references, styles and colours to help me narrow down my choices.
Fabrics that I shortlisted were draped on me to give me an idea of how they feel.
A quick #GroomingGuru selfie with my tailor.
I end up choosing this shade of blue. I don’t have a blue suit and I think it would be a fabulous option.
I get some time to explore the different customisation options with the tablet. Everything that I enter gets recorded.
That’s when the tailor starts an assessment of my body type, guided by the tablet.
And the collar…
If you’re making a shirt, other specifications like fit and sleeves are taken into account.
Measurements are promptly taken and fed into the tablet.
A few more measurements here and there.
About two weeks later, I get a call for my fitting. I’m happy I chose what I did, it’s looking fine. I have a few concerns about the fit and lengths, which are instantly addressed and corrected.
Now that I’m done with my fitting, I shall let the Arvind tailors do their job. I can’t wait to see what the final result is going to be like.
A little over a week later, my bespoke suit arrived from Arvind in a beautiful leather valise. I decided to wear it to the GQ Best Dressed Party at the Four Seasons.


I’m feeling pretty swell. This really is a spiffy suit. Paired with a classic white shirt and a bunch of vintage accessories, I was very happy with the overall result. And I did receive a lot of compliments. What do you think of this look? Would you ever imagine this suit was the result of a collaboration between an experienced tailor and an advanced tablet software? A new phase of fashion indeed!

The fact remains that the bespoke suit continues to be at the peak of the men’s fashion pyramid. And with changing times and changing technologies, I see this as a possible future trend. Kudos to Arvind for being a trendsetter in this area of men’s fashion in India. I can’t wait to see how the custom tailoring industry in India evolves.


Riaan George

The #GroomingGuru


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