How To Pair Your Ties With The Right Shirts

Men have myriad options today when it comes to choosing a tie. Striped, printed, knitted, we are spoilt for choice. However, we’ve all had difficult moments, trying to pair a shirt and tie, for a perfect look. Our dapper friends at Ermenegildo Zing, have come up with a few tips to make pairing ties with shirts as easy as it could get. So here goes, we’re sharing these simple tips with you.

The Solid Shirt:

A solid shirt, is like a clean slate. Most colours and prints match no matter what. Pick contrasting colours, to give your look some edge.


Style Suggestion:

Ties like these, look super classy when paired with solid shirts.


The Checkered Shirt:

A checkered shirt looks good even when worn alone. Pair your checkered shirt with a tie that is subtle but holds its own at the same time.


Style Suggestion:

Knitted ties look chic when paired with checks, as they bring out texture and don’t make the outfit look too loud.


The Striped Shirt:

Choosing a tie with a completely different pattern to the shirt you’re wearing, usually brings the best result. Although, if you’re bold enough to try stripes on stripes, contrast them.


Style Suggestion:

Try differently striped ties from your shirt. For example, large stripes with narrow ones, visa versa.



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