Could this be India’s most expensive bicycle? The Scott Sports Rio Limited Edition

If you’re keen on cycling your way around your neighbourhood on this gorgeous bike, it is likely to set you back by a whopping INR 4.5 lakh. But here’s the catch – that’s the price ONLY for this limited edition frame. Once you fit the bike with all the bells and whistles of a bike, including the tyres, you could ring up a total of INR 10 lakh. Now that’s some serious luxury!

Why the lofty price tag, you ask? Well, Scott Sports, the globally recognised multi-sport company has just released a limited edition of 50 Scott Sports Rio Olympic Edition Bikes.
One, yes, just one piece, from this limited edition series has been allocated to the Indian market and we at UrbanEye got our hands on this uber-chic frame.

The first thing that strikes me is its unique, stand-out fluorescent yellow colour. Michael Pinto, the designer behind Scott Sports’ Rio Special Edition sought inspiration in Brazilian culture. Thus, he found a unique pattern on the streets of Rio, symbolic of the colourful culture of the Brazilian people, and translated it into a design concept and colour scheme of black and yellow. The Rio edition of Scott’s signature, ultra-light Foil frame has even been tested in a wind-tunnel, used in F1 racing.


While Scott Sports is targeting the premium consumer, with its high-end cycle offering — the entry level bikes start at INR 25, 000 — the focus is not solely on slick looks and high price points. There is a strong emphasis on technology, innovation, performance and capability.
A bit more about Scott’s Foil frame, which was introduced and patented by the Swiss brand. In 2010, they introduced the Foil with the F01 Aero Technology. This aerodynamically optimised bike features truncated airfoils, which are used on most aero bikes today. The new Foil frame weighs an impressive 945 grams, making it one of the lightest Aero bikes in the world. A host of technological and aerodynamic innovations ensure that the frame is light, smooth and designed for maximal performance. No wonder then, that Scott’s Foil frame is the bicycle of choice for many international-level cyclists, including two of the winners at this year’s Olympic Games.




I get chatting with Jaymin Shah, Country Manager of Scott Sports India, and ask him if the luxury bicycle segment has any takers in India. “The luxury bicycle niche is nascent in India but there are takers for sure. That said, someone who is investing so much in a bicycle is not an amateur luxury consumer. He is discerning enough to understand what product he is acquiring. The awareness is increasing.” The consumers are everywhere, from the looks of it. No surprise, then, that recently Scott Sports sold a INR 9 lakh bike to a gentleman in a small Indian town and not in the big cities. It appears that a lot of Indian men these days are willing to shell out top dollar for a good quality bicycle. A fact endorsed by Jaymin, “Even our entry level bikes at INR 25, 000 are pretty premium. And there are bikes for INR 1-2 lakh. One thing’s for sure, a lot of men don’t tell their wives how much they’ve shelled out for the bike.”


While only one of this highly-priced frame has been allocated to the Indian market, we’ve been told that there’s already a number of well-heeled cycle enthusiasts lining up to get their hands on it.
Scott Sports Rio Olympics Limited Edition Frame
INR 4.5 lakh


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