The Indus Club: A Look Inside Mumbai’s New Exclusive Members’ Only Club

This article will come as good news to all the business travellers out there — Mumbai just got its first standalone members’-only club and from what we hear, tons of people are already clamoring to get in. But here’s the deal, you can’t just flash a credit card and secure a coveted spot at The Indus Club — you need to be invited. More on the selection process later.

Set at the heart of Mumbai’s business district BKC, The Indus Club is a private members’ club quite unlike any other, catering to business and leisure needs of members. So gentlemen, here’s everything you need to know about what is possibly Mumbai’s most coveted space.

The Design:
Designed by Zubin Master of Design Matrix, The Indus Club is chic from the start. Understated and plush, it instantly gives you a sense of discreet luxury. All the lighting and artwork has been carefully curated and individually sourced for the club. The space is divided into various zones, depending on the members’ needs, giving it a sense of intimacy — work spaces, dining room, bars, meeting rooms, gym etc.


There’s no swipe card business here! All areas of this club are biometrically controlled. Unless you’re a member and your biometrics are registered with the club, you cannot gain access to any area of the club. Each area also has a panel powered by Lutron Automation, technology that allows members to control music, lighting, ambience, shades, etc. at the touch of a button. Keeping in mind the new global Indian businessman who is technologically savvy unlike his predecessors, The Indus Club’s technology and design is strongly anchored in technology.

Valet Services:
Due to the fact that the Indus Club also caters to business travellers who might not reside in Mumbai, these members can come in straight from the airport, and freshen up before their busy day. The Indus club offers powder rooms, and changing rooms, and, this is our favourite part, even offers to get members’ suits ironed, their shoes polished, etc by their personal valet. The Indus Club even has two massage rooms that offer signature treatments like Swedish massage, Thai massage, aroma, facials, scrubs, mud packs, etc.


The Meeting Rooms:
The Indus club has 5 meeting rooms, each with their own distinct personality and tone of voice, just enough to make a statement. The club offers complete secretarial support for any members on request as well as tea and coffee whenever you feel you need it.

Lindbergh’s Cockpit: The first meeting room, a six seater, is aviation inspired. As you enter the room, you will notice all aspects of the room and furniture, from the chairs, to the table legs, are inspired from the world of aviation.

Martin Scorsese: The next room, a four seater is one that connects really well with people from the media industry, film makers, writers,etc. It is inspired of course by Martin Scorsese.

Let me mention here that the rooms can be booked on hourly basis, for two hours, half day or full day. Each of these rooms feels as premium as the luxury hotels you will find in the city, BUT the Indus Club is priced at 60% less than the hotels, hence adding an important value factor.

The next room is a private office, a room created as an ode to the father of Indian aviation, the JRD Suite. Earlier a businessman would have to book a hotel room if he was visiting a city on business for the day, but now this private office is perfect for people who want to work out of here the entire day. Like an office away from the office.
The last two meeting rooms, double up at private dining rooms, featuring full butler service and set menus. They seat 6 and 12.


The Indus Club has an international menu curated by Chef Ajay Chopra is of Masterchef fame. He was the Co-host and judge for seasons 1 and 2.
The formal dining area is open for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. A la carte and set menus are both available.

Members who want to nip in for a quick lunch, can call the hostess and order, and by the time they reach, its all set, their food is on the table. Payment is authenticated by the touch of a button, so members can be in and out under 20 minutes. For time sensitive people, these small discreet touches make all the difference.

Leisure Time:

The club features a bar, cigar lounge and indoor golf. You’ll be surprised to know that the golf simulator model is the exact same one used by Tiger Woods during his practice sessions.

The Indus Club has a 1000 sq foot gym where members can do their cardio or strength training. Personal Trainers are available to any member who wishes for one. Members who already have a trainer, can bring their trainer along with them to the club gym. On the weekends, tai chi yoga sessions, etc are held at the gym. Changing rooms feature steam, sauna, etc. are available for members to freshen up afterwards.

The Spielberg Theatre is a 32 seater auditorium powered by Dolby & Atmos. This theatre is used for screenings, stand up comedy, jazz performances,etc.

The Indus Club also has reciprocals with international clubs. So is you’re in Singapore, you can enter the Tower Club, the St James’s club in London, and other clubs in LA, New York, etc. Their aim is to cover 11 major cities across the world by way of reciprocals. No hasty decisions are being made as Mr. Thawani makes sure all reciprocals are also of the same category and high standing.

Expansion Plans:
There are two sets of expansion plans,
One: expansion to other cities like Bangalore and Delhi. This expansion will introduce a a national membership that you can buy and will enable you to avail all the benefits of the club in different cities. The second expansion, is for this particular Mumbai club itself, so you never know else you’ll benefit from next!

Essential question: How much does it cost?
As we mentioned earlier, membership to The Indus Club is ONLY by invite and referral. Following a strict screening process, an invitation is extended to the prospective member. Once a member accepts, he will have to pay a joining fee of INR 10 lakh. Following this, there is an annual membership fee of INR 70,000.
So gentlemen, do you make the cut? How many of you will we see enjoying cigars and cognac in the hallowed premises of The Indus Club? Only time will tell…


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas


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