Italian Dolce Vita on Indian Shores

As a chronicler of the Indian fashion industry, I am particularly fond of witnessing interesting collaborations in the fashion and luxury space. In fact, in the past, I’ve chronicled some of the most inspiring partnerships between big names in different spheres, coming together to create something magical. Cars and hotels, fashion and chocolate, champagne and design, airlines and sports, just to name a few.

The most talked about recent collaboration has been when Italy’s most loved beer brand, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, partnered with Vogue India. The concept was simple — a bunch of hand-picked upcoming designers were asked to prepare a cocktail ensemble, incorporating the Peroni colours, which are white and Pantone 282 CVC.


IMG_5550The finals were held in November, in Delhi, where Peroni’s mixologist was present to delight the crowds with exotic Peroni infusions. A great way to immerse the crowd into a fashionable universe. As for the winners, Designer Payal Khandwala was named the Peroni winner, while Dhruv Kapoor’s offbeat, quirky style bagged him the Vogue India Fashion Fund competition prize for 2015.IMG_5447



Why I find this collaboration particularly interesting? As with all things Italian, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is not a mere beverage, it has, over the years, come to symbolise a certain lifestyle of elegance, Italian dolce vita and, of course, the impeccable style of the Italians. In many ways, just like the espressos, cars and fashion labels of its country, Peroni is a proud flagbearer of a fashionable lifestyle.


This idea, blended with the new wave of Indian fashion, resulted in a highly fruitful collaboration. When two powerhouse names in the lifestyle and luxury space — a legacy Italian beer brand and the bible of Indian fashion — come together there’s bound to be fireworks. VIGM1504



Find out all that happened at the finale of the Vogue India Fashion Fund 2015 and visit – ?#?PeroniAtVIFF?

This post is in partnership with Peroni.


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