Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Exclusive India Watch

The Rendez-Vous Bi-Color is trending this season among luxury watch afficionadoes and ask us why… Legendary Swiss watchmaker has created the watch exclusively for Indian luxury buyers. Feminine and utterly sophisticated in its design, the watch stands out with its simplicity. The steel and gold body of the watch has a fine, delicate finish. I absolutely love the 1930s-inspired hour indicators. The Rendez-Vous Bicolor was born in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, and reflects the brand’s watchmaking heritage, which is going strong for the past 180 years.

After Gucci launched the India edition of its iconic Bamboo Bag and Hermès launched its limited edition India saris, now is the turn of Jaeger-LeCoultre to pay tribute to our country’s long history of luxury consumption.

I love this feminine, elegant accessory but I wish they’d release something for the men too, especially since I love this brand so much. And when they do release something exclusive for the Indian men, we’ll be there to track it.


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