How Joggers Became My New Wardrobe Essential

I recently wrote about my California-inspired wardrobe picks during my Singapore trip for Formula 1 weekend.

One of my favourite looks from the trip was this athleisure-inspired silhouette.
I have to begin by saying that it has taken me a while to jump onto this whole athleisure bandwagon. When guys around me have been rocking joggers and sneakers for the longest, I’ve often stuck to my usual suspects like denims, travel jackets and bombers.
Imagine my surprise, then, when I went to pick out pieces from Celio India’s current collection when I actually found a pair of joggers that fit me so well that I just had to carry it with me to Singapore.
So I think to my self “Okay, joggers – this could be the start of something new”
That weekend in Singapore, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, I did rock my joggers quite effortlessly. I paired the joggers with a soft cotton tee, once again from Celio India’s collection, a full-sleeves retro-style tee with the most amazing fit and slipped into a pair of comfy sneakers to finish off the mix.


Here are some of my newfound conclusions when it comes to athleisure and joggers
Insider’s secret, when you’re trying on joggers with elastic waist bands, always opt for one size smaller than you if you want it to fit really well and give you that extra slim effect. And that’s exactly what I did.
Always have some cool sneakers on hand – a pair of joggers is best highlighted with a pair of sneakers, I opted for my fluorescent yellow Reeboks to add that much-needed pop of colour.


Never wear joggers with flip flops – it’s just sloppy
I usually like to wear a slim fit tee or shirt with a pair of joggers to keep the silhouette sleek.
Quirky socks are always a good idea as your socks tend to peek out of your joggers occasionally.


I’d love to hear from you, so tell me what you think of the athleisure trend in general and if you think I should opt for more sporty athleisure looks.
More lessons in style coming soon….


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