La Galerie at Hotel George V, Paris

I’ve been to coffee shops the world over but nothing beats this. If you ask me which is the world’s most beautiful hotel coffee shop? This is my answer.

La Galerie at the uber-luxe Hotel George V in Paris, France. The decor is anything but subtle – if you like tasteful opulence like I do, you’ve come to the right place – with its gorgeous Flemish tapestries, heritage paintings, antique furniture and exquisite objets d’art dotting the place. Elegance seems to be the word of the day as you will spot Paris’ swish set, models, business people, wealthy Arab tourists, Parisian socialites, walking in and out in what is the city’s most impressive off-the-ramp fashion show.

Sip on gourmet tea, enjoy some artisanal pastries or a camembert and truffle omelette as the pianist plays your favourite waltzes in the background.

My favourite part about La Galerie – the Dessert Trolley. A genteel French serveur comes around with his trolley, laden with the most exquisite sweet treats.

Makes you want to fly off to Paris, doesn’t it?







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