Le TV!

Most TVs look pretty much the same – well, not this one.

This is a product for the art connoisseur in you. Its aesthetics are beautifully contemporary and honestly, I’ve been having quite a blast at my home ever since Le Eco sent over this absolutely beautiful piece of technology, the Super3 X65 4K UHD Smart TV for me to experience first-hand. And I’ve not been able to take my hands-off the remote as well as my Le Eco Le Max 2 superphone as you can control the TV via either devices.




First things first, this really is a big fine art installation. Having said that, its screen is wafer thin. It features diamond-cut beveled edges with anodic oxide coating framed by a brushed aluminum metal bezel for a build that is strong yet sophisticated.

The seamless brushed metal bezel is built from aircraft grade aluminum and serves the dual function of a stylistic exterior as well as a solid protective frame.


The TVs sits on a very elegant & stylish swooping base resembling a fin which is made out of aluminum alloy.


So on first start-up, I immediately connected this smart tv to my Wi-Fi network & let it bowl me over.


This is an Android smart TV and as such you can install a variety of apps on it, the TV comes pre-loaded with the Live & Levidi apps.


As I had mentioned in the review of the Le Max 2, LeEco is selling you not just the product and its hardware but the LeEco experience. The TV runs on eUI which is Android customised by Le Eco and bundled with LeEco’s two primary entertainment apps:

Levidi – premium video content like Bollywood movies and other miscellaneous curated videos

LIVE – This is live real-time television as you would see it via DTH or cable.

Its English Channel bouquet consists of: Times Now, India Today News, NDTV 24×7, ET Now, BBC World News, CNNi, Al Jazeera, NDTV Good Times.

And there are many channels each in a variety of Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.



The TV also employs the industry’s latest acoustics technology: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD and ultimately serves the rich entertainment experience your money deserves.

The ability to use my Bluetooth stereo earphones with the TV has been a godsend. No long cords stretching between you and the TV, I can freely move around my house and be connected to my entertainment without disturbing others + have the ability to make and receive calls because of it at the same time.


  • The start-up time could be shorter with an option to skip the long Le Eco promotion which plays before every start-up.
  • It doesn’t save the last played source and resets to the home screen on every startup.
  • While the remote features an in-built mic, you can’t use voice commands just yet as it currently only recognizes Mandarin.
  • The lack of casting options for media and the reliance on a Chromecast. For a TV such as this & the OS such as eUI which is usually brimming with next-generation technology this seems like a strange oversight/omission.

However, these aren’t major deal-breakers and nothing Le Eco can’t fix with a software upgrade in the near future.


To summarise, I have discovered a newfound love for the television which I had all but given-up on years ago, I was instead content by watching things off my MacBook, this TV has changed it all for me and I often find myself in company of my mother watching what I normally would have on my MacBook.
Not just because of the large screen but the rich visuals it delivers  as well as the ease of discovering interesting content courtesy its apps and array of connectivity wizardry.

I have even gone on to use its glossy screen as a huge life-sized mirror 🙂

To put it simply, this TV is Stunning! A melting pot of technology & fashion which is fabulous not just in it looks but functionality and quality as well.

However, do your measurements first before ordering it as its sheer size will overwhelm you.



The Le TV range of Smart TVs is as follows:

  1. LeEco 55″ Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
  2. LeEco 65″ Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
  3. LeEco 65″ Ultra HD (4K) 3D Smart LED TV

If you are space constrained (in terms of minimum viewing distance from the TV) then you may want to consider the X65’s slightly smaller & more economical cousin – the 55” Super3 X55 which will set you back by only about Rs. 59, 790

For the absolute ultimate viewing pleasure there is the 3D Super3 Max65 4K UHD Smart TV for Rs. 149, 790.


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