Lessons in Linen 2: Tucked or Untucked

Hey Guys. Welcome back to our lessons in linen. Today, I’d like to talk about an important issue that often plagues guys when they have to put a look together. When should I leave my shirt untucked and when should I tuck it in? Unfortunately, many guys do end up getting this wrong as linen can be quite tricky to carry off.

Today, I am going to tackle this question keeping in mind your collection of LINEN shirts. We’ll save the discussion on tucking in regular cotton shirts for another time. Here are a few broad rules that I’d like to lay down for you…

Tucked In: On a casual look, like this one. Tuck your shirt into your classic beige chinos and accessorise with a nice fabric belt and boat shoes. The mini anchor print on my shirt is actually quite well complemented by the simplicity of the chinos. Similarly, if you’ve got bold checks or stripes, it is a good idea to tuck your shirt into your chinos. This is actually a nice look for your workplace, if you are indeed allowed to dress casually to work. It does not come across as too casual and has just the right dose of ‘dressed up’. You could even throw on a hat for some fun.





Untucked:When you really want to go easy and comfortable. Over a pair of jeans or just your favourite chinos. You can’t go wrong. It is very, very casual and can actually be used as a slightly dressier option for a tee-shirt. Remember, if you are wearing an untucked linen shirt, try and opt for a slimmer fit so it doesn’t make you look too shabby and boxy.

Note: an untucked linen shirt is a great trick if you have a slight belly to hide. Lately, I have developed a slight belly, which is why, as far as possible; I try to keep my linen shirts untucked.



Untucked: When you’re wearing a solid coloured jumper or sweatshirt over your shirt, leave it untucked and pull the shirt out from under your jumper to let the colour show. A little peek of the shirt from under your jacket, along with the visible collar makes for a nice effect.



Tucked: When you’ve got to pair it with a blazer. I’ve seen guys wearing a loose linen shirt, untucked, with a blazer. I personally am not very fond of the look. But if it works for you then that’s fine. My preference is to always keep it tucked in when there’s a blazer involved. It just looks smarter and sharper. Remember to opt for a belt that stands out and breaks the look into two clear halves – the shirt and the pant. In this case, I opted for a simple tan belt to complement my tan shoes. My belt is simple but makes a statement.



Untucked : Over denims. Once again, you are not bound by this rule, but this is just now I prefer it. In this case, I am wearing a super simple linen shirt because I want to showcase my denims – note how I have chosen to fold the bottom of the jeans up to add a nice touch – and my tan leather lace-up shoes.

Stay tuned for more lessons in linen… the next time I shall be talking about wearing linen under a suit. Watch this space…

Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris


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