Lessons in Linen 3: Pairing Linen With A Suit

Hey Guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying our on-going linen series, giving you the lowdown on just how you can make linen look absolutely effortless in your summer wardrobe.

Would you believe if I told you that I once disliked linen in any form? I used to find it shabby and unflattering. But in hindsight, I obviously wasn’t wearing it right.

This summer, I’ve discovered an interesting trick – wearing smart linen shirts under my suit. Yes, that’s my new thing!


I’ve ditched my regular cotton shirts for a collection of linen shirts, which I’ve been generously pairing with my suits. I work in the media where I’m not required to wear a tie so this is absolutely perfect for me.



If not entire suits, I’ve also been wearing a linen shirt with jeans and a blazer. After all, you can never go wrong with a combination like denim and linen. Or maybe even dark chinos, like I’ve done in these photographs.


The trick is to keep your linen shirts simple and elegant, without making too much of a statement. Let the quality of the linen speak for itself.

Remember that when you are wearing a linen shirt under a suit jacket or blazer, to stick to a slimmer fit, so that the soft linen doesn’t bundle up under the jacket.


Needless to say, your belt and shoes must make a statement as well.


Note: the linen shirt under a suit works best if you don’t have to wear a tie. So I recommend not pairing a linen shirt with a tie. It will only spoil the effect.


NEVER: wear a vest or an undershirt under your linen shirt. That is a HUGE style faux pas. It spoils the light, airy feel of the linen and defeats the purpose. That said, make sure you do all you can to stay dry. Sweat patches on a linen shirt are a strict NO NO.

Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris


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