Lessons in Linen Shirts For Men 1: Rock The Prints and Checks

When you think linen shirts for men, it is easy to get swept away by images of the ubiquitous white linen shirt paired with crisp chinos or jeans. Or you could think of solid coloured linen shirts in hues of pink, blue and green. That’s what linen shirts for men has come to represent for many of us. However, at Urban Eye, we like to raise the style quotient a bit. So while you will find your favourite solid coloured linen shirts, I do encourage you to experiment with your linen garments. Prints, checks and stripes – there’s just so much you can do. Just like I did over the past years, start easing yourself to the idea of wearing linen as an easy replacement for your standard cotton garments.

Here are a few ideas that I played around with… A few looks that are super easy to do and that anyone can pull off effortlessly.


All the clothes in this shoot are by Celio India

Wayfarers by Ray-Ban

Tan brogues by United Colours of Benetton

Canvas sneakers by Celio India


Look 1: Let’s start simple: Checks. I just LOVE checked linen shirts for men. I cannot seem to have enough of them in my wardrobe. However, sometimes, especially in summer, I find that even my checked cotton shirts become too heavy to sport. So when there’s a checked shirt in a light and airy linen, I’m hardly one to say no.


 A traditional blue and white Madras checked linen shirt, which I paired with comfy and soft navy chinos. Easy and elegant. I prefer to not tuck in my shirt, in this case, to keep it casual.


If, however, you want to dress up the look, just a wee bit, you can tuck your shirt into your chinos. Break the monotony of blue with a thin tan leather belt like I did here.



Look 2: I kept the very same navy chinos and swapped the checked shirt for a delightful horizontal striped linen shirt. I just love the nautical, breezy feel of this shirt. When it comes to full sleeve shirts, I almost always roll up my sleeves, except when I am wearing a blazer or a suit. If the shirt has an inner cuff lining, like this one does, try to roll it up in such a way that it shows. Remember, these are the small details of men’s fashion that really do matter.



Look 3: This look is not too different from the first look. I took a pink and blue Madras checked linen shirt, paired it with the very same navy chinos but accessorised it with a fedora hat. It might make me look like a New York hipster, but hey, who’s complaining.




Look 4: Anchors, anchors, anchors. Did I mention that this is my all time favourite print? Imagine my delight when I found a linen shirt with anchors splashed all over them. In keeping with the nautical theme, I paired it with old-fashioned chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers. From a yacht party to the city streets in an instant – quite easily done.






Look 5: Finally, a simple look with a gingham checked linen shirt. In case you were wondering, the gingham check is a variety of checks, which can be instantly recognised by its alternating colour pattern. There is no right or wrong side in terms of a gingham’s colour. Gingham checks vary in size. This shirt that I wore – mildly reminiscent of a vintage tablecloth pattern – Once again paired with simple chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers for an easy, casual chic look.



Watch this space for more lessons in linen.

Stay Stylish!

Riaan – The Grooming Guru


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