Lessons in Style: Increase Your Vocabulary for Men’s Shoes

Espadrilles are flat, casual footwear made of canvas or cotton fabric. The defining characteristic of an espadrille is however, the sole that is made of jute rope. The off-white colouring of the jute rope is what gives the shoe a unique finish.



As the name suggests, Driving Shoes are worn while driving due to their super comfortable and flexible nature. These shoes are made out of cloth, leather, suede, etc. They are slip-ons that have decorative laces just to set-off the look . The soles of these shoes extend to the top of the rear of the shoes to protect the heel of the wearer.



Boat Shoes are made of either canvas or leather. The soles of the shoes are designed to give the wearer a good grip on a et surface and also to repel water. Worn most of the time without socks, these shoes are a must-have in ones closet.



The elastic panel on the side of a Chelsea Boot, allowing it to be slipped on an off gives these boots their defining characteristic. These boots are ankle-length and made close-fitted and people love the fact that they can be carried off by both men and women.


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Penny Loafers, are lace-less shoes, sometimes designed with metal decorations or tassels to give the shoe a more artistic look. They are slip-ons, and hence have elastic inserts on the inside of the shoe that allow the wearer to slip them on and off easily while giving them a comfy fit too. There are a few explanations as to why the term ‘penny loafer’. One being that American prep school students in the 1950s, wished to make a fashion statement, and inserted a penny into the diamond-shaped slit on their Weejuns.

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Monkstraps are moderately formal shoes, with no laces but are fastened with a buckle and a strap giving them a look of decorum. These shoes are popularly made in suede, although appear in leather sometimes too.



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